How To Find High Paying CPC AdSense Keywords

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If you are one of the AdSense Publishers, I believe you want to increase your earnings through more clicks. In some cases it happens that you get good CTR, I mean you are getting good clicks from Google AdSense but your estimated earning is relatively low. For instance, you got 40 clicks in a day and your estimated earning was $0.77! This is really an unexpected.

Bear it in mind that you are not responsible for this low earning. In actual sense, low Cost Per Click (CPC) is responsible for this. You must have noticed that AdSense shows Ads based on post contents mostly. To be more specific, we can say, Ads are related to posts’ keywords. Cost Per Click (CPC) is related to the keywords in the posts.

Google AdSense will not pay you an average rate for clicks. In some cases, you will earn $5 for a click whereas sometimes they will not pay you $5 for 70 clicks. Here is the main point. What you earn per click depends on the Ads that your users/readers click on. If your users/readers click on a high paying ads then you will get a good Pay Per Click (PPC). As I rightly said, Ads are displaying according to your site/blog content’s keywords. If you have high paying keywords in your site/blog contents, you will get high Pay Per Click (PPC).


What is High Paying Keyword?

High Paying Keyword can be defined as the keyword that has high Cost Per Click (CPC) for which Google AdWords’ advertisers are bidding for. Having high paying keyword means more Pay Per Click (PPC) income for Google AdSense publishers.

I believe you want to know which keywords are high paying keywords? Wait for a moment. I am going to show you how to find high paying CPC AdSense keywords for your site/blog.

How to Find High Paying CPC AdSense Keywords

Please note that finding high paying keywords is very easy, but it is not enough to increase your earnings from AdSense. To increase your AdSense earnings, you will have to find the high paying CPC targeted Keywords that will send more traffic to your site/blog.

For instance, some of the most expensive keywords are Donation, Mortgage, Lawyer, Attorney, Hosting, Loans, Insurance etc. High Paying CPC Keywords! Earn Big With Google AdSense. These high paying keywords may not be related to your niche. Even if it is related to your niche, it is extremely tough to rank for these high paying keywords. Therefore, you need to find those high paying keywords that are related to your niche and can be easily ranked.

SEMrush is one of the amazing keyword tools that can help you to get targeted and profitable keywords.

This amazing keyword tool (SEMrush) helps you to find the high paying CPC keywords that a site/blog is ranking for. You can also find other useful statistical details concerning the keywords like Trend, Number of results, Search volume, etc.

You just have to enter your domain and see how it works.

Now, let us see how to use SEMrush to find profitable Google AdSense Keywords. Before we go further, I suggest you take these two steps.
  • First and foremost, you need to register on SEMrush. This tool (SEMrush) free version will give you access to just top 10 results. Therefore, it is advisable to have the Pro version of SEMrush.
  • Secondly, you have to prepare a list of authority sites/blogs that are related to your niche.

What you need to do know is to login to your SEMrush.com account. For the benefit of this article, we presume that you are running a Tech based blog/site and we will find those keywords for Labnol.org that uses Google AdSense.

Enter the domain name “labnol.org” and click on Search.  After then, click on “View Full Report” from TOP KEYWORDS.

This will display those keywords that are driving organic traffic to Labnol.com. To get the high paying CPC keywords, just click on CPC tab. You will see that most of the keywords are long tail keywords. This example shows that the highest CPC keyword is $114.30.

What you have to do now is to start copying the long tail keywords that are related to your blog/site. Follow the same process for the next domain name on your list.

After compiling the keywords, the next thing is to write site/blog post by targeting these long tail keywords. You also make sure you optimize your site/blog post’s “On Page SEO” in a proper way to get high rank for those keywords. It will take a while to get high ranks and slowly increase your earnings.

NOTIFICATION: If you are new to AdSense and interested in AdSense overview, history and types, kindly get more details on Google AdSense

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