How To Identify A Badoo Cultist

Nigeria News have gathered that the rise of a new cultist group Badoo in Lagos Southwest Nigeria is due to high rate of unemployment.

It was learnt that most of the cult members are youths who did not have jobs but were lured into the cult group as an alternative to make ends meet.

Our correspondent also gathered that about 30 per cent of them are graduates, 50 per cent internet fraudsters, also known as Yahoo boys who now seek fetish way to defraud their victims online.

“They use charms now and tag it yahoo plus. Because most of their victims abroad have understood the scammers’ antics, the yahoo boys have resorted to money rituals,” a source said.

The Lagos State Police Command has arrested about 82 suspected members of the dreaded Badoo cultists.

Some of them confessed that they were initiated into the group unwillingly and that it would be difficult for the police to curb the activities of the cultist ritual group due to high rate of unemployment in the country.

Their statements corroborated the information given by the factional leader of the Oodua Peoples Congress, Otunba Gani Adams to the police that those arrested by OPC confessed that they were initiated by force into the group while seeking employment.

Our Correspondent gathered more information from the group, which are listed below to help residents in Lagos and Ogun States as the ritualists group had written letters to some areas of the states, including Ibafo, Mowe and Asheshe that they would storm the place soon.


How Badoo Initiates Innocent Persons
(1) They advertise vacancy for jobs with their phone numbers boldly written on public buildings

(2) An unsuspecting jobless person who calls the number will be invited to a place (most times) the venue is arranged and not their office.

(3) The jobless guy will be hypnotized and brainwashed to join the group so that he can make money without necessarily seeking jobs elsewhere.

(4) After initiation, which include making blood vows with the initiator, the new member would be trained and given some charms.

(5) They will always provide their new members with money after which they will stop and demand that you also provide money for them

(6) This will lead to attacking innocent people, killing to take their blood for money rituals

How To Identify Badoo boys
(1) They attack their victims with grinding stones

(2) They go around with white handkerchief when they are about to attack

(3) They always rub on their body black oil so that nobody would be able to hold them.

(4) They move between two and three in number

(5) After they kill their victim, they soak the handkerchief in the victim’s blood and go with it.

(6) They don’t use gun or bomb

(7) They attack mostly houses that have no burglary proof.

(8) They also carry chains and ropes, which they use to tie their victims

At present, residents association and Chief Security Officers of communities along Lagos/Ibadan Expressway, such as Ibafo, Mowe, Arepo, Magboro, Warewa, Asheshe had meeting with the police where they were told how to prepare for the impending incursion of Badoo boys.

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