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How To Make Money Online in Nigeria With Just N2,500 Subscription Fee

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What Can I Do To Make N105,000 on 247onlinebusiness.Com?

To make money online through the help of the residual/passive income spinning opportunity on 247onlinebusiness.Com, the first step to take is to register to become a FREE MEMBER.

After becoming a FREE MEMBER, the next step to take is to upgrade your membership status by making a one-time payment of N2,500 subscription fee to become a VIP Member on 247onlinebusiness.Com

The journey towards earning commissions to the tune of N105,000 begins as soon as you become a VIP member.

As a VIP Member on 247onlinebusiness.Com, the following features make it easier for you to earn passive income to the tune of N105,000:

1)   Automatic referral system: 247onlinebusiness.Com has automatic referral system which distributes those new members who do not follow any sponsor’s link to do the registration. The automatic referral system places a new member in the next available space starting from the first person in the network chain and it continues like that to fill any empty space with a new member.

NOTE: This does not mean you should not personally bring others to your network. We strongly advise VIP members to, at least, personally bring their first level members (5 members) into the network. That is, the highest level of work to do to earn N105,000 is to personally get 5 people to become VIP members.

2)  Automatic Spillover System: 247onlinebusiness.Com has automatic spillover system which distributes new members from a VIP Member who has already gotten up to 5 VIP Members in his/her first level/first generation. Once a VIP Member has a maximum of 5 members in his/her direct network, additional members that are directly/personally brought into the network by this very VIP Member will be given to the next member in this very VIP Member’s network. This system/feature makes it possible for members to refer as many people as possible but no member can have more than 5 members in his/her first level/first generation.

How You Can Go About Getting 5 VIP Members

Use the following approach after making a subscription payment of N2,500 to become a VIP member:

  • Talk to as many friends, colleagues and family members as possible about this income spinning opportunity and let them know that this is not a Ponzi scheme like MMM.
  • Regardless of their responses (whether they show interest or not), politely request for the e-mail address from them or ask if you can send them a link via social media of their choice so that you can send your referral link, which you will see when you login to your account with username and password on  247onlinebusiness.Com, to everyone of them and specifically ask them to visit the page for Frequently Asked Questions in order to get answers to all mind bothering questions.
  • Two days after sending your referral link to them, send another e-mail or talk to them physically or over the phone to let them realise that the only thing to risk, as far as this opportunity is concerned, is the N2,500 subscription fee which is not too much for most people to sacrifice as an investment that will later give them N105,000.
  • The following day, contact those who have not registered among them to ask them for the day they intend to register. At the same time, you also need to find out when those who have already registered intend to pay N2,500 subscription fee to become VIP members.
  • Lastly, you need to let those who have become VIP members realize that they are not alone in this online income spinning opportunity. You are with them and we are all together as a team because you make more money when you put them through and help them to also make money. This shows how rewarding a genuine Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) concept is, unlike MMM. On our platform, you earn commissions from your network of people to the tune of N105,000 and everyone in the network also earns a particular commission, depending on the position in the network. MMM was a Ponzi scheme (Rob Peter to pay Paul).

Visit our site today to get more detailed information on how to make money online in Nigeria with just N2,500 subscription fee.

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