How To Make Nigeria Aviation Industry Work – Ben Bruce

A member of the senate committee on aviation, Senator Ben Murray Bruce, has expressed his concern for the Nigerian aviation industry to be privatized, so it can benefit from the opportunities in the industry.

He stated this in one of the telecast of “Common Sense” advocacy series, using the recent United Kingdom’s all-time record as a vivid example. He said, “They recorded 8,800 flights in just one day; worth 20 million pounds; which is three times of what Nigeria makes from oil daily”.

He went ahead to compare such feat to Nigeria’s aviation industry, saying that the country can maximize the opportunities in its own aviation industry if it privatizes it, instead of depending solely on oil.


Emphasizing on privatization, he revealed some facts why it should be adopted in Nigeria’s aviation industry. “Amongst them all, the location of Nigeria as an aviation hub in the whole of West and central Africa, is a major advantage that has not been harnessed, solely because of our reliance on easy oil money,” he said.

In his concluding words, he said, “Since Nigeria is not capitalizing on this comparative advantage, it is losing flights to smaller African Nations, mainly Ghana.”

As he put it, many airlines have divested from Nigeria. “Some of those that remain take off and make stopover in Ghana. As long as our airports are under government control and management, we will not be able to attract the right human and material resources to make our aviation industry competitive,” he said.

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