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How Uninformed Voters Will Define 2019 Polls

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Nigeria News takes a look at the 2019 election and how the uninformed voters may actually define the direction of the results.

Do you know that 60 per cent of Nigeria electorate do not know why they vote? They do not even know their wards councillors but they hear about their president and governors.

Most Nigerians do not even know their senators and other elected officers but every four years they troop to the polling booths to cast their ballot.

The gullible electorate are told who and which party to vote for on the day of an election with some monetary inducement anyway.

He has never met his candidate before and may not even see him on the Election Day but party agents and members who would be around to canvass for votes.

Elections are rigged mostly in rural areas, across the country where many of the Electorate are uneducated and uninformed.

There are a few voters here who use android phones that have social media facilities. Unlike in the city where elections are not only monitored but being reported by bloggers and residents themselves.

Yes, the larger number of votes come from the city but it is becoming more difficult for parties to rig in the urban centres.

Ballot boxes are easily snatched in the rural areas, going by the past records and winning an election is not measured by social media popularity of any candidate but how smart the candidates can rig in the areas.

The former Legal Adviser of the All Progressive Congress, Dr Muiz Banire once said that many voters do not even know why they vote.

This will count again in 2019 when the uninformed voters will go to the poll to choose their president.

The position has been narrowed down to President Muhammadu Buhari and the Peoples Democratic Party candidate, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar.

The two had released their manifestos, which had been criticised of lacking direction. Even among the elites who saw the manifestos, they will not choose their president based on manifestos.

The manifestos have been a repeat of lies and promises that none of the parties could implement. And for the rural dwellers, the highest bidders and of course the most popular candidate to them will win in their domain.

Experience has shown that the illiterate among us have the largest population and the poorest who vote for the candidates who are ready to buy the highest number of votes.

This set of voters are unmindful of the quality of manifestos or the character of the candidates. How much they can sell their votes is what matters to them. They will definitely define how the election will go especially in the northern part of the country where the two candidates have come from.

It is in the city that the electorate speaks about the integrity of the candidate or the performance of the present government. These are not the factors to decide who the right candidate is but how much he or she is ready to doll out to the poor voters in 2019.

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