I Made Kcee What He is Today – Harrysong

I Made Kcee What He is Today – Harrysong

The ongoing public feud in between Five Star Music and former employee, Harry Songs doesn’t seem to be letting up as both parties have come out to publicly wash their dirty laundry in a bid to prove the other party as the erring one.

The latest is Harry song’s clapback where he states that it was actually Kcee who begged him on ‘bended knees’ to help salvage his dying career.

Recall that Harrysong was arrested by Five Star music for breaking his contract and shortly after he was released, the record label claimed that the musician had begged Kcee to sign him into the label some years ago.

Five star also went on record to state that Harrysong was fond of abandoning contracts halfway as was the case with his first record label, QuestionMark Entertainment.

Harrysong thereafter released a statement that he wasn’t arrested but invited to the station to sort out the issue and he also stated after that Five star music begged him to join them and paid off his contract with QuestionMark Entertainment.

Harrysongs has now taken another shot at Kcee by saying that Kcee is talentless and if not for his intervention, he wouldn’t be where he is today.

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