I Remain The Authentic Zimbabwe President – Mugabe

I Remain The Authentic Zimbabwe President - Mugabe

Ousted Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe says he remains the authentic ruler in the country.


A source disclosed to Reuters that the president said via a telephone conversation that nobody could overthrow him from office.


Early in the week, Zimbabwean Army generals seized power from Mugabe who had been ruling the country since independence and announced that the president had been put under house arrest.


However, in a telephone conversation with South African President Jacob Zuma, the ousted Mugabe said that he was with his wife Grace in his home and remained the Zimbabwe president.


He is 93 and the former guerilla still believes he is in control despite the palace coup by the military that removed him early in the week.


His wife, a former government typist would have been appointed as Mugabe’s vice if the president had remained the Zimbabwe president.


According to findings, a Catholic Church priest had urged Mugabe to surrender power peacefully so that peace would reign in the country but the erstwhile president had disagreed.


On Wednesday, Nigeria President Muhammadu Buhari had sued for peace in Zimbabwe, calling on the authorities to follow the rule of laws in whatever steps it would take in the governance of the southern Africa state.

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