Ibrahim’s Manhood Can’t Function Anymore – Doctor

Ibrahim’s Manhood Can’t Function Anymore - Doctor

Head of Surgery at the General Hospital, Minna, Niger State Dr Adamu Bala has said that a 12-year-old boy, Farouk Ibrahim, whose manhood was cut by his uncle may not have virility again.


He said he referred the boy to the Teaching Hospital Ilorin, Kwara State to get catheter so that he could pass urine but for him to have functional manhood, the boy must be flown out of the country.


His uncle, Aliyu Mohammed cut the boy’s manhood in Babana area of Borgu Local Government Area of Niger State and ran away.


According to the investigation, the uncle had accosted the boy who was taking food to his siblings on the farm.


He strangled the boy until he passed out and cut his manhood. After a few hours, Ibrahim woke up but found out that his manhood had been cut off.


He managed to get home and was rushed to the hospital in Minna. Sensing the danger due to the extent of damaged done on the boy, Dr Bala referred his case to Ilorin where the catheter was fixed for him to urinate.


However, the other part of the manhood could not be found since the uncle had disappeared with it.


“For Ibrahim to have a functional manhood, he will need plastic surgery and it cannot be done in this country. There are specialists abroad that will do it. The boy will need help from Nigerians to get back to his normal life, the doctor said.

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