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IGR, Not Governor’s Ingenuity Makes Lagos

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Nigeria News takes a look at the developments in Lagos and why successive governors must not ascribe success to their ingenuity.

Governor Akinwunmi Ambode has done well no doubt but he should stop ascribing his performance absolutely to his ingenuity as he is going about now.

The Internally Generated Revenue (IGR) of Lagos alone will make any Governor perform not to talk of the statutory allocation, which comes in every month from the Federation Account.

If it is about ingenuity, former Lagos State Governor, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu should take all the accolades for raising the bar, which his successors, including Ambode, built on.

Tinubu met a State that could only generate N600 million monthly as IGR when he assumed office in 1999. He raised the IGR to N6 billion at the end of his eight years in 2007.

At the time Governor Babatunde Fashola (SAN) came on board in 2007, Lagos was close to N12 billion in IGR and by the time he was leaving in 2015, the IGR was well above N20 billion monthly.

Ambode increased it to N28 billion and at present Lagos generates over N30 billion monthly and would have doubled if the governor’s plan to increase the rate on Land Use Charge had worked out.

But Lagosians Rose against the Land Use Charge and also used it to campaign against him before the APC governorship primaries in Lagos.

So, one of the avenues Ambode would have used to make a more IGR could not sail. He would have surpassed his predecessors, using his knowledge of account. But this is not enough, he failed in politicking.

He enjoyed the sources of income that were created by his predecessors but today, he arrogates much of the success stories to his ingenuity. No, it should not be so.

Lagos has a blueprint, which all governorship candidates after Tinubu must have agreed to implement before being considered by the “godfather” to run.

The plan was to turn Lagos to a megacity, which will encompass six model cities. These include the Ikeja Model City, Badagry Model City, Epe Model City, Badagry Model City, Ikorodu Model City and Apapa Model City.

These models cities will have intercity train service, BRT service and other infrastructure that will make one less dependent on another.

Fashola was tagged the actualiser because he implemented the blueprint to the letter. Despite that he had problem with Tinubu ahead his second tenure in office, Fashola was able to manage the situation to get the second term ticket.

As a matter of fact, Fashola was a member of Tinubu’s cabinet that came up with the blueprint. He was the Chief of Staff to Tinubu. He saw how Ambode had deviated from the agenda of his predecessors.

Fashola joined forces with the leaders of thought in Lagos politics to stop Ambode from returning for second term.

Ambode has the best opportunity to perform as Lagos State Governor because he has the Federal Government backing, unlike Tinubu and Fashola who were in opposition party throughout their tenure.

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