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‘Ile Arugbo’ May Haunt Abdurazak

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ElevateNews takes a look at the demolition of “Ile Arugbo” believed to belong to Sarakis by the Kwara State Government.

The Olusola Saraki political dynasty is not having it good at this period.

There was a crack in the family before the first republic Senate leader passed on.

His first son, Bukola Saraki cracked his father’s political hegemony in Kwara first before his adversaries capitalised on that to stop the dominance of the dynasty in Kwara, using the All Progressives Congress’ “Otoge” strategy.

The late Saraki had preferred his daughter Gbemisola to succeed his son Bukola as the State governor but his son had preferred his Commissioner for Finance, Abdulfattah Ahmed.

Bukola defeated his father in the political scheming but created a crack that had since become his albatross.

Bukola became the toast of every Kwara indigene for kicking against Gbemisola’s gubernatorial ambition to impose Ahmed.

But eight years after, the same Kwarans protested against the planned imposition of Saraki’s candidate with their Otoge slogan.

The former President of the Senate is now fighting two battles; one within his family and the second within his State.

There is a new government that does not want to hear about Saraki. A new government that does not want to know Saraki.

Like Bukola who had his cake and ate it while his father was alive and later caused a big crack for his adversaries to crawl in, the same scenario is possible for the incumbent Governor of Kwara, Abdulrahman Abdulrazak in the nearest future.

The Kwarans are wiser now politically and would like to see development instead of political vendetta that is currently going in the State.

For years, the Sarakis had built strong human relations with the poor people of Kwara, using a place called “Ile Arugbo” as a meeting point with the elderly in the State.

At Ile Arugbo, the aged women are fed by the Sarakis every Friday while a token is also given to them by the family.

The meetings at Ile Arugbo have become a culture. The place also serves as the political rallying point for the Sarakis’ associates.

But today, the place has been demolished by the present administration of Abdulrazak on the ground that the Sarakis have no Certificate of Occupancy and that the place belongs to the government.

In a press statement by the government a few days ago, the place was meant to be an extension of the State secretariat and staff car park.

The demolition caused an uproar in the city of Ilorin, the capital of Kwara as aged women trooped to the streets to protest against the action of the government.

Bukola Saraki must have been so happy with the reaction of the indigenes as he quickly took to his Twitter handle to commend them.

He added that justice would be done in the nearest future.

Abdulazeez had played a part to subdue the Sarakis but to sustain this, he must perform in the next four years or else, Kwarans will turn against him and the demolition of “Ile Arugbo” will haunt him badly.

Presently, Gbemisola who is a member of APC has condemned the demolition of Ile Arugbo by the present government and warned that this may affect the support the party enjoyed during the last election.

She castigated the government for allowing itself to be used by some members of the APC who are bent on destroying her father’s legacy.

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