Imo State Drama: Ministry Of Happiness And Purpose Fulfilment

Imo State Drama: Ministry Of Happiness And Purpose Fulfilment

Governor Owelle Rochas Okorocha of Imo State Nigeria recently created the ministry of Happiness and Purpose Fulfilment and appointed his sister as commissioner. This has raised so many eyebrows and the social space is agog at the announcement.


First of all, one will view this in two perspectives, first of which will be “why the creation of the ministry?” and the second “Why the ministry should not be created?”


Nigeria is a very interesting country, reasons being that everyday Nigerians wake up to be served a warm, continental and cosy “breakfast” on the bed. This will keep them busy and distracted from their day-to-day challenges, which makes it an interesting one.


Imo State has been in the news for one reason or the other, either for good reasons or the bad ones depending on which side of the divide one finds him/herself.


Recall that, he (the governor) forfeited his security vote to improve the lots of his people, built schools, appointed the highest number of personal assistants and advisers “to create jobs”, etc.


Recently, the governor has been busy erecting statues of some selected leaders for reasons best known to him, endorsing Mr President for the second term in office, bolstering his cabinet by appointing 29 new commissioners amongst which is the controversial “Commissioner for Happiness and Purpose Fulfilment” and so on.


Now, why the creation of the ministry in context? The governor has not violated nor contravened the laws of the land. He is the chief security officer of the state, it is his sole responsibility to provide the essential needs of his people. If the governor feels creating the ministry will translate into good governance, and brings the dividends to the door-steps of his citizens so be it.


Every citizen of a nation desires a good and comfortable life and that is what they all expect from a good leader, but in most cases, these are not what they get in return, which brings me to the second perspective to this.


First of all “why appointing your own sister to head the ministry?” Isn’t that enshrining nepotism in the core fabrics of his administration?


A lot of questions are raised because tax-payers money will be used to fund the ministry and come to think of it, role conflicts will be inevitable because there is a ministry of welfare and social development.


There are better ways of making the citizens of Imo state happy. For example, constructing good and accessible roads, providing basic amenities such as uninterrupted electricity, improved water supply, quality healthcare facilities, equal-playing field to foster healthy competitions. These can be executed by the already-established ministries, hence, there is no need creating a new ministry just to bring happiness to his people.


His action has already been adjudged wrong not because of the paper intent but by the perceived intent, taking a look at the personality he appointed to head the ministry, isn’t it perceived as propelling a personal agenda?


One might be forced to think that at this point the governor has gotten it wrong if the role of the so-called ministry is to bring “Imo-citizen’s-dreams” to fulfilment. It is laughable and has reduced governance into a child’s play.


The government of the day, rather than being creative in its approach in harnessing the vast mineral and human resources available in these locations to bring “happiness” to the door-steps of her citizens, the government is busy creating ministries where public funds will be unfairly spent. The world is waiting and watching to see what the “paperwork” of the ministry of happiness and purpose fulfilment will look like. Imo State we hail thee!

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