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Increase Patronage: Advertise Your Products And Services For FREE

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As we all know why we are in a particular business and the need for our business to have its own share of the market. We know how difficult it is to increase patronage in businesses, most especially now that our beloved country, Nigeria and some other countries’ economy in the world is in a deep recession. The impact of the present recession on businesses and individuals cannot be overemphasized.


Therefore, the management of ElevateNews.Com has created special categories tagged NEWS ADS and EVENTS for our news readers on this very news website to promote COMING-UP EVENTS, PRODUCTS AND SERVICES for FREE. Any event, product or service you promote on this news platform gives you an opportunity to present your event, product or service in front of people or organisations that are interested in what you offer.


This is simply because every news published on this site is automatically sent to Google in order to be indexed so that it will be included in Google search results which people see whenever they search for something related to your event, product or service on Google search engine and its partners. This means you too will have your event, product or service details published on a page in EVENT or NEWS ADS category of our site and you will continue getting more patronage via our site as your pre-qualified customers/clients search on Google.


What a great opportunity! Opportunity to get your event, product or service published and continue getting patronage year in, year out.



Send your post/advert content and at least an image/a picture for the post which must be pasted in the email along with the main content, NOT as an attachment because we don’t open anything attached to an email, via provision2014@gmail . com



Your content must be up to a minimum of 150 words and maximum of 900 words. Such content must be personally written for this purpose, not the content you have already published on another webpage. Copied content from another webpage or content that is less than 150 words will not be published. You can promote as many EVENTS, PRODUCTS and SERVICES as you want on this news website.

It is absolutely FREE.

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