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Increasing Rate of Undergraduates Internet Fraudsters

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Nigeria News takes a look at the increasing rate of undergraduate fraudsters, its causes.

Honestly, Jobless Nigerian university graduates are not happy. They depend on their parents for survival. An encounter with this set of people reveals hunger, anger and desperation to succeed. They see internet crime as the shortcut to make ends meet.

The economic state of Nigeria can be measured by the rate of jobless graduates in the country. Besides those that are eagerly seeking to change their jobs, millions of graduates are churned out annually by the country’s tertiary institutions to join the unemployment market, which is presently saturated.

On Saturday, the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board released the results of about two million candidates who wrote the Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME).

The board withheld over 30,000 results over various examination malpractices. This is the first hurdle the candidates have to scale to gain admission to tertiary institutions.

And because of the dichotomy between the holders of Higher National Diploma (HND) from Polytechnics and Degree holders from university, almost all these two million candidates prefer university education.

Even when it is clear that the degrees have no value anymore in Nigeria labour market. Polytechnics education is no more attractive while only a few now enrol at the colleges of education.

Yet, the country embraces paper qualification more than competence and knowledge. Certificates are sold but not acquired while those who lack the finance to buy degrees engage in nefarious activity to make money.

There is increased internet crime among the youths, tagged, “Yahoo Yahoo”. About 80 per cent of those arrested for alleged internet crime in the last few days in Ibadan, Oyo State are undergraduate students of tertiary institutions.

Most of these fraudsters are between the ages of 19 and 25. The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) has many of them in its custody.

The creativity of some of these undergraduates is tilted towards crime, which is the fastest way to make money.

While one is not encouraging crime, President Muhammadu Buhari’s statement at the weekend is not also encouraging. He said that the University degree is no longer a meal ticket.

Of course, degree may not be a meal ticket but the best of all legacies a government can leave for his youths is education. This is the second time the president will hit the youths of this country so hard.

He once described them as lazy dudes. Mr President’s words have not motivated the youths to want to get quality education.

For months, the Academic Staff Union of Universities was on strike and the government did not see reasons to address the lecturers’ problems.

The polytechnic lecturers are suffering in silence. This technical institution is supposed to produce middle level manpower to sustain the economy of the country.

It has failed severally to deliver because it lacks motivation from the government. Nobody wants to learn how to teach again except the frustrated candidates who end up at the NCE because they could not secure a university’s admission.

Yes, they pass through the NCE, get the certificate but with no love or competence to teach.

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