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Insecurity: Adesina Is On His Own

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ElevateNews takes a look at the lonely stance of the Special Adviser to President Muhammadu Buhari on Media and Publicity, Femi Adesina on the State of insecurity in Nigeria.

With the way things are going, the Special Adviser to President Muhammadu Buhari on Media and Publicity may be standing alone on the issue of insecurity in Nigeria.

It seems he is the only one that is commending this government and by extension his boss, Buhari at present.

Recall Adesina did not spare the Christian Association of Nigeria, the body whom himself belong to, while defending the effort of Mr. President in fighting insecurity.

Surprisingly, Buhari lamented about the bad State of insecurity when he arrived Nigeria from the United Kingdom last weekend.

I wonder what Adesina will write about the president’s comment now that the man himself is disturbed by the State of insecurity in the country.

As a media aide, will Adesina blame Buhari for condemning the level of insecurity? I know he will be grumbling by now.

It seems the president is sincere and should be commended for this singular statement.

It is becoming clearer now that those who advise the president are the real enemies of this country.

Men like Adesina who still believe that the spate of killings in the country is a movie but not a reality.

Disturbing still. Adesina said that Nigerians should thank Buhari that the Boko Haram terrorists are not using bomb anymore but sword to kill innocent Nigerians.

How did we get to the level that killings have now become a norm we have to live with it.

So when Boko Haram devise a new method to kill, we should accept it as improvement on security as posited by Adesina.

Now that the Boko Haram now show up as bandits, kidnapping and beheading their captives, Nigerians should see it as a better deal and keep quiet.

To Adesina, every critic of Buhari’s government is a wailer.

The President of the Senate, Ahmed Lawan also cried out, adding that the security under this administration has become so worrisome.

He stated that the National Assembly would work on how to restructure the police.

The Senate spent the whole of Tuesday debating the security issue in the country and how it would legislate community policing to be part of our security apparatus.

The debate led to Senator Abaribe calling for the resignation of President Buhari and the security service chiefs.

In a swift reaction, the presidency said that if Buhari must resign then Abaribe and million other people would go with him.

The presidency stated that Abaribe is supposed to be in prison by now for failing to produce the leader of the Independent People of Biafra, IPOB, Nnamdi Kanu who jumped bail and left the country.

Recall that Abaribe is standing as surety for Kanu.

The Senate has since summoned the Inspector General of Police, Mohammed Adamu over the state of insecurity in the country.

On Thursday, Buhari also had a closed-door meeting with the security service chiefs.

Where is Adesina in all of this? He should keep quiet and allow those who have the responsibility of providing security to do so.

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