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Insecurity: As Herdsmen Rumble Churches

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Nigeria News takes a look at the killing and kidnapping of priest and pastor by herdsmen.

Churches in Nigeria felt the pain of insecurity more this weekend.

First was the killing of Rev. Father Paul Offu of a Catholic Church in Enugu and the kidnapping of a pastor of the Redeemed Christian Church of God alongside four other Nigerians at Ogbere, near Ijebu Ode, Ogun State.

The General Overseer of the RCCG, Pastor Enoch Adejare Adeboye had earlier announced that five pastors of the church were kidnapped while on their way to ministers conference at the Redemption Camp.

The revered pastor later changed the news after the church had got more information that only one of the kidnapped people was RCCG pastor.

The Ogun State Police Command, however, has disclosed that all the kidnapped persons had since been rescued from the camp of the kidnappers and that the police had since located the whereabouts of the abductors and their captives.

Interestingly, one of the captives revealed that his abductors were Fulani herdsmen.

While the body of Catholic priests gathered in Enugu to stage a protest to the State government house, the RCCG Pastor Adeboye called for serious prayers for the release of the church member and other captives.

Adeboye noted that it was receiving that only one pastor was among the captives but that did not reduce the weight of the crime committed against Nigerians.

To Adeboye, the state of security has not gone worse like this in the country.

Recall that a group of celebrities staged a protest to redemption camp, calling on Pastor Adeboye to add his voice to the incessant killings across the country.

The protesters accused Adeboye of lacking the will to speak up against the policy of the present government because the Vice President, Yemi Osinbajo is a RCCG pastor.

Of course, church leaders have not done enough to express their displeasure with the state of insecurity in the country, they must have been careful so that their churches would not suffer proscription like the Islamic Movement of Nigeria, the Shiite.

The Security issue has become so sensitive that the government will be ready to clamp down on any religious organization that may incite its members against the current government.

Obviously, this government is seeing any dissenting view on it to its policy on security and economy as its enemy.

It is obvious that the voice of Adeboye can influence the views of millions of Nigeria.

The man of God has been careful and diplomatic in his action and how he chooses his words whenever there is a need for him to address the nation.

The Redeemed Church is the largest congregation of Christian body in Nigeria. Adeboye has cult-like followership who believes so much in his preaching and would be ready to do whatever he asks them to do.

However, the government will not hesitate to drag any religious body into the mud if the organiation would not succumb to its whims and caprices.

There is a rumble in the church of God, especially among the worshipers. They grumble due to lack of security but cannot register their protest because their leaders are silent.

Religious leaders in Nigeria cannot start a revolution because the church is one of the lucrative businesses in this perilous time.

Despite the economic recession, tithes and offerings have not reduced. The pastors get richer, the worshipers get poorer.

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