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Inside BRT; From Obalende To Berger

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ElevateNews takes a look at what happens inside BRT.

I could not wait to enjoy the ambient condition of the Bus Rapid Transit vehicle since the former Governor Akinwunmi Ambode released hundreds of it to Lagos roads.

So, my journey from Victoria Island to Julius Berger Bus Stop, a Lagos suburb has been made easy by BRT. Beside the fact that the fare is N200, the bus is air-conditioned with USB points on the seats to charge our telephone handsets.

Sometimes, there are long queues at the Tafawa Balewa Square Bus Terminus, this does not discourage commuters as BRT is worth waiting for. It is convenient.

This comfort, no doubt has created a great opportunity for passengers to exchange pleasantries. It creates an opportunity for business transactions and of course love affairs among the commuters.

You are sitting beside a total stranger who does not mind to meet with you. The bus conveys both members of the public and corporate world who are looking for a quality platform to launch their skills as to the kind of service they can render.

A few numbers of passengers work on their laptops while in the bus. I observed that complimentary cards are exchanged, new lovers are made, some of which may become life partners.

Of course, there are the timid types who are so shy. They glue themselves to the seats without uttering a word with the person sharing the space with them.

Ordinarily, the journey between TBS to Berger is about 30 minutes but it takes about two hours due to heavy traffic. What I observe is that commuters inside BRT hardly complain about the delay in getting to their destinations.

When the traffic is heavy, passengers bring out their earpiece and phones to listen to music. Some rest their heads on the seats to take a nap. The traffic becomes a blessing in disguise for new lovebirds who may be willing to engage in a serious relationship.

It also affords the workaholics in the bus to do more jobs, using their laptops as the traffic persists. As a matter of fact, I enjoy boarding the BRT so as to reduce my workload while staying in the traffic.

However, the current government of Babajide Sanwo-Olu will need to release more vehicles, most especially, during the rush hours of 6am and 4pm. With this, the number of private cars on the road will reduce because many motorists will prefer to join the BRT.

This will also curb the menace of early morning armed robbery, also known as “One Chance” on Lagos roads. Many Lagosians had been killed by perpetrators of “one chance” robbery while rushing to work at the dawn.

The BRT working hours should be extended to 11pm so as to curb crime. The government must not encourage hanging in the bus as it is being done now. It has been observed that BRT now stops at every bus stop to pick passengers even when it is already full.

The government should be mindful of the wear and tear of the vehicle with the adequate maintenance policy, even if it is making a lot of money in this transportation service.

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