Is Kachikwu Treading On Cabal’s Tail?

Nigeria News take a look at the news behind Kachikwu’s petition to President Buhari.


The Minister of State For Petroleum, Dr Ibe Kachikwu’s petition to President Muhammadu Buhari over the alleged insubordination of the Group Managing Director of the Nigeria National Petroleum Corporation, Maikanti Baru is not unexpected.


It is one of the complexities of the present cabal in Buhari’s government. Ibe’s appointment in August 2015 as NNPC GMD and his removal in July 2016 to become the minister of state was calculated to make him an errand boy rather than a decision maker in the running of the petroleum industry.


Since Baru assumed office as the NNPC GDM in 2016, investigation revealed that he had been dealing directly with President Buhari and had refused to carry Kachikwu along.

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As a matter of fact, the Minister of state could not hold any meeting with the president anymore. Our correspondent learnt that Ibe had made moves to brief the president about some irregularities in the handling of the sector but he was being blocked by some aides who now listened to Baru’s instruction.


At present, Kachikwu is more or less an errand boy between the president and Baru, a source told our correspondent.


Perhaps that was why Kachikwu wrote a petition to the president, a copy of which was made available to the press accusing Baru of “completely eroding” some of the reforms he introduced as the NNPC GDM in 2015.


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In the petition, Kachikwu lamented that Baru had been sidelining the NNPC board and had been acting alone in appointing people into vacant positions without consulting with him.


Ordinarily, the board is supposed to look at the positions that are due for retirement and how it will fill it but it is unfortunate that the appointments for those positions are read on social media platform and pages of newspapers.


Ibe said that he actually wrote letters to Baru on issues that had to do with retirements of some senior executives and appointments of new ones but the NNPC GDM refused to reply.


As it stands now, there is no open administration anymore at NNPC as Baru has taken over the running of affairs completely.

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There is no doubt that the oil sector is not in good hands at present, another source said. Cabals have taken over and before the country’s major source of income is ruined, the president will have to intervene.


Ibe wrote in the petition that NNPC would need the intervention of President Muhammadu Buhari more than before.


However, a source told our correspondent that some of the president’s appointees are not helping him. According to him, the president is a straightforward human being but surrounded by bunch of hypocrites whose mission is to ruin this government.


The source said, “Ibe is just playing with one of the cabals in this government. He has to be careful. These people shield the president away from those who can help this government.”

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