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Islamization And Proscription of Islamic Movement In Nigeria

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Nigeria News takes a look at the proscription order on the Shiite by an Abuja Federal High Court.

This is an interesting but dangerous time in Nigeria. A time some Christian groups are accusing President Muhammadu Buhari of trying to implement the Islamisation agenda in Nigeria.

It is also a time the Federal Government has kept in custody the leader of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria, also known as Shiite, Ibrahim El-Zakzaky.

This is a time the Fulani herdsmen who are the major clan of Mr. President have become so dreaded that many Nigerians now think that the Miyetti Allah, the umbrella body of the herders are working to take over the country.

A Federal High Court, Abuja at the weekend declared the Shiite as a terror group and ordered the Federal Government to proscribe the organization.

The court directed the government to gazette this proscription and publish it in two national dailies. If the Buhari government goes ahead to act on this, there are indications that the IMN may be tagged a terror group and ban forever in Nigeria.

If this happens, El-Zakzaky may spend more days in custody while the protest by any member of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria would be seen as illegal.

Scores of members of the Shiite were killed during a protest in Abuja while demanding the release of their leader. Of course, there is politics of religion in what is happening now between the Buhari’s government and the Shiites.

It was gathered that there are two major groups of Islam in the north, the Shiites and Sunnis. That President Buhari is a member of the Sunnis and would do whatever to protect his religious group against the Shiites. So proscribing the Shiites may look more like a political stance to kill the religious freedom of a group of Muslims in the country.

The court described the activities of the Shiite members as an act of terrorism and illegality. The Shiite protested and during the protest, a police officer and a corps member were killed.

This is far lesser compared to thousands of Nigerians that had been killed by the marauder herdsmen in the last few years, yet no court has ever declared the herders as a terrorist group even when they are recognized as the fourth most dangerous terror group in the world.

The herders have enjoyed so much freedom that despite their vicious activities in many parts of the country, they are being protected by the Federal Government.

There is no doubt that the government recognizes the herdsmen as dangerous killers but instead of proscribing the Miyetti Allah, the Buhari’s government is planning to spread them across the country through a “RUGA” program.

Some State Governments have kicked against the RUGA settlement scheme for herdsmen. This does not go down well with the Miyetti Allah as the group threaten to disturb the national peace if the government would not establish the settlement.

In all of these, can one say that the Islamization agenda as been peddled by some group against Buhari is actually true?

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