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Joshua Is Afraid To Fight Me – Wilder

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The WBC American heavyweight boxing champion, Deontay Wilder has described the current WBO, WBA (Super) and IBF Anthony Joshua as a joke that is afraid of fighting him.


Wilder said this following the £8.8m offer Joshua placed on the table to fight him, adding that the British-Nigerian boxer is not ready to fight him.


As Wilder put it, “They are scared of me. He needs to take that ‘F*** Fear’ patch off his trunks because that doesn’t apply to him.”


He said that he had wanted Joshua for two years but the Briton had always turned it down because he knows “I am the real man”


“I’m a real hitter, they recognise that. With that being said, in boxing nowadays, nobody wants to lose their ‘0’ because now it has transformed into this business type of thing. The more you stay undefeated, the more you look good and people want to do things with you.”


Wilder said that many of the fighters nowadays wanted to fight but did not want to lose, adding that Joshua is one of those guys.


According to him, boxing is about winning and losing and getting up to win again.

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