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Jubril (Buhari’s Impostor) Will Never Again Wave At A Crowd Of People – Nnamdi Kanu

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Nigeria News – Jubril (Buhari’s Impostor) Will Never Again Wave At A Crowd Of People – Nnamdi Kanu

Nnamdi Kanu, the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), in his 150 minutes international broadcast on Saturday, on Radio Biafra, claimed that the alleged Buhari’s impostor “Jubril” will not come out again to wave at people in the public.

Nnamdi Kanu said, “I told you two weeks ago that Jubril will never again wave at a crowd of people. This is also a scientific evidence.”

“Can anybody show me in the past two weeks where Jubril was seen waving publicly to people? Have you seen any?”

“It is chop-knuckle now.”

“It is election, you must greet people now. You must wave at them. Are you now telling me that waving is no longer part of meeting the people or greeting them?”

“Because Yoruba Journalists would provide excuse for anything in the world. If they can explain a way, the goodness of Satan, they will do it.”

“Let me repeat what I have said about impostor and that is Jubril. And the facts that he would never wave his hand in the public. This was exactly what I said two weeks ago.”

“Anybody representing Buhari, any day you wave your hand at us it is bye-bye. Any day again as I am talking, telling you tonight and I refer to Yoruba journalists as well. Every day I keep mentioning them. Every night I come here, I mention them. We have cameras and we have smartphones. We have cameras with telescopic lenses. Any day Jubril comes out to wave his hands, it is bye-bye. He’s waving bye-bye to himself and all of the zoo, and since then he has never waved his hands in public.”

“Just raise, don’t do anything for us. Just raise the palm of your hand for us. That’s all.”

“Instead inside the Assembly, he used his thumb to cover his palm. Can’t you see it?”

“I am tying you slowly. I will confine him to Aso Rock. He will not attend any campaign. I will keep him there. I will be making fun of them. I would use Jubril to show the world how foolish Nigeria is and Nigerians at large. He can no longer wave his hand.”

“Look at the others doing it.”

“He used his thumb to cover the marking on his palm so that the world will not know. He thinks he’s smart.”

“Since it has become customary for certain Yoruba journalists to misinterpret their own officially issued photographs, we must continue to use the one they publish to judge them. Their own they used to publish, we shall use it to judge them.”

“Go through Jubril’s public appearances for the past two weeks, you will see that he’s no longer waving back at the public. That is key, absolute-key to what we are doing.”

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