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Kaduna Killings: Another March From Grave To Poll

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Nigeria News takes a look at the recent killings in Kaduna.

Kajuru is a Fulani community in Kaduna State. Many of the inhabitants are herdsmen. They lived in peace until last Friday when gunmen struck the place, killing scores of the residents.

The peaceful haven suddenly became the graveyard of the innocents, including women and children who knew little about the perennial hostility between their fathers and bandits.

The gunmen lurked in the forest, seeking to kill and steal. Their latest attack happened a few hours to the country’s general election.

The killings became one of the reasons why the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) postponed the February 23 presidential and National Assembly election.

The Kaduna State Governor, Mallam Nasir El-Rufai cried out, “If Kajuri will not sleep, then Nigerians will not vote.”

According to him, 66 Fulanis have been killed, including their children and wives. He was welcome by the stench of the shallow grave where the innocents were buried in a bush of Kakuri.

El-Rufai vowed to bring to book the perpetrators of the killings. But the governor’s claim infuriated many Nigerians, including the former Chairman of National Human Rights Commission (NHRC), Prof. Chidi Odinkalu who described it as false.

Odinkalu spoke on national television as he lampooned El-Rufai over the false claim. The professor said he had made several calls and carried out various researches on the killings and inferred that the governor had lied.

However, the governor explained that he had only given the figures as reported to him by the Nigerian Army and he had to quickly address the public over the killings to abate a reprisal attack by the Fulanis.

As at Tuesday, more facts showed that about 103 Fulanis were actually killed by the gunmen. This has come at a time Nigerians are going to the poll.

In 2011, elections were postponed in Borno because the Boko Haram had taken over almost all the local government areas of the state.

If at all Malam El’Rufai had cooked up the number of casualties. The question we need to ask ourselves is should any Nigerian be killed for any reason? There have been killings not only in Kaduna but also in many parts of the county, where are the reports of the commission of inquiries?

Nigeria has more to gain living together as Nigerians than pushing for divisions and hatreds. The politicians have successfully divided the people along ethnic lines for their selfish interests.

Nigerians move on the same roads and waters. Nigerians go to the same markets. There are no ethnic markets or ethnic roads, neither is there ethnic or religious currency. Nigerians spend the same currency, yet the people argue along ethnic and religious lines.

By Saturday, it is clear that the noise and anger, the accusation and counter-accusation about who killed the innocents in Kaduna would have subsided. What we will see are the people, these downtrodden whose husbands had been killed that will queue at the polling stations to vote for those who had failed to protect them over the years. They march on the grave of the innocent to the poll.

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