Kaduna School: Between Qualified And Competent Teachers

Nigeria News take a look at the sack of 22,000 teachers in Kaduna and the matters arising


The sack of 22, 000 teachers in Kaduna state public schools has been one of the major issues in the news in the last two days.


It is a case of the teachers who failed the examination they set for their pupils. These teachers did not only fail the primary 4 competency test set by the State Government, they failed woefully.


Some of them scored as low as two out of 20. Yes, they claimed to be qualified teachers with certificates and years of experience but the problem is that they are not knowledgeable enough to scale the hurdles of simple primary four test.


They were asked to mention four common diseases, alas, many of them could not write one correctly. The teachers were asked to identify some shapes like triangle and square; rectangle and circle, they failed.


The teachers, instead of eating their humble pies and seek a better way to address their shortcomings, perhaps by updating themselves, if they still love teaching or seek a new trade, they resorted to protest.


They co-opted leaders of the Nigeria Labour Congress in a protest against the state government. Vividly written on the placards was “Examination is not a true test of knowledge”.

What an absurdity and insult on education from teachers whose only tool to test knowledge is an examination. As a matter of fact, the government used one of the tests the teachers had set for their pupils to test their competency and of course their quality.


It became worrisome when a senator representing Kaduna Central, Shehu Sani threw his weight behind the teachers, saying that they were sacked so that the state Governor, Mallam Nasir El-Rufai could engage his political allies.


It is obvious that it is Sani that is trying to politicize education in Kaduna with such utterance.


El-Rufai was forced to release the scripts of the test conducted for the teachers. Some of the teachers actually passed the test but for those who failed, hell was let loose.


The governor said via his twitter handle, “We are putting these out in the court of public opinion for Nigerians to make their verdict. Here are some of the primary 4 competency test scripts conducted for primary school teachers in Kaduna State.


He also announced that the State Government is inviting applications from qualified and interested graduates for teaching appointments in public primary schools. Those who failed the primary 4 competency test have a second chance to reapply if they believe they’re qualified.


But to Sani, the senator salute the courage and resolve of the Labour Union and Teachers Union in Kaduna state for standing up in the defence of Teachers in Kaduna State.

He said on his Facebook page, “I share your cause, your concerns, your position and your struggle. Your defiance and protest is a step in the right direction. Continue to peacefully defend the rights of your members. Never bow down to intimidation and sponsored harassment and threats from any Quarters.”


The senator has since been a subject of attack on his social media page as members of the public censured his opinion over the competency of Kaduna teachers.

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