Lagos’ Alliance With The Northern States: A Slap On DAWN

Lagos’ Alliance With The Northern States: A Slap On DAWN

Nigeria News takes a look at the political agenda behind Lagos Government new partnership with northern states for economic gains.


Lagos State Government sank about N10 billion in Kebbi to produce LAKE Rice and last week it organized the Lagos-Kano Summit, another northern alignment to boost the country’s economy.


Before now, the state has acquired expanse of lands in Osun, Oyo and Ogun for agricultural purposes, which of course is yet to come to implementation.


This sudden alliance with the north may have gone against the Development Agenda of Western Nigeria, DAWN. It looks very much like a political alliance.


This is one of the blunders committed by the late sage, Chief Obafemi Awolowo, towards his plan to rule Nigeria. He failed because as he struggled, the northerners laughed at him then.


The Lagos State Governor, Mr Akinwunmi Ambode has shown one of the features that could jeopardize southwest development in this new found love with the northerners. Towards elections, many of the northerners associate with Yorubas but after such elections, they always look up North, or deep into their personal empires.


Meanwhile, many Yorubas have sacrificed and continued to sacrifice everything they have to get these people to where they are. DAWN remains a quality initiative in tackling the mess called Nigeria that the Yoruba Nation finds itself in today. It is an initiative that IF adopted wholesale should assist our people and others resident here to achieve their dreams in every respect.


But what do we have today? It is the exact opposite of everything DAWN stands for. Our supposed leaders continue to look for what is in their “sokoto” up North in Sokoto. A few years back, there was an initiative for Lagos-Ogun Megacity that would have given residents of Mowe, Ibafo, Iju and Ota axis a new lease of life.


Instead of focusing on this with vigour, our leaders went all out for Lagos Atlantic City, chasing the waters of Bar Beach to nowhere in order to create a new settlement for the rich. They want a Dubai when the majority of their people are nowhere near what the United Arab Emirates represents.


Lagos State got hectares of land for farming in Ogun State, Oyo and Osun states. Instead of assisting these states with funds or getting involved directly to make a quality agro-allied scheme happen, it was in Kebbi State the princely sum of N10 billion was sunk, making “Eko Akete” the major distributor of rice from Kebbi State.


A few days back, Eko hosted dignitaries from all over celebrating a new found economic alliance with Kano State. Yet, such an alliance with Ogun State or Oyo State for that matter would have stemmed rural-urban migration and greatly assist to uplift the Oodua Nation economically.


With all Awo did for so-called Nigeria, if he had stayed back in the Western Region, we would have gone places by now. Instead, an Eldorado called Nigeria was what the old man pursued vainly till death.


Bashorun MKO Abiola failed there too. Imagine Abiola doing for each of the South-West states what Dangote did in Kano at the weekend. He could even sit as Chairman of the board of an organisation like DAWN.

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