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Lagos; New Year, New Challenges

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ElevateNews takes a look at the new year and new challenges in Lagos.

Never spent this much time off work except during my annual leave.

But the last one week of Christmas and New Year break has been tremendous.

Cool-weather, I wish December can start again so that I can go back home and start all over a new holiday.

Lagos was free of vehicular traffic; residents stayed indoor, ate, drank and slept with good dreams in the harmattan season.

When Thursday arrived and the time to go to work knocked at our doors, our spirit was weak. We hugged our bed still.

The free road and cool weather make this week the best time to live in Lagos. I woke up late due to the hangover of January 1, yet I got to the office before 8:30 am.

We were a few going to offices on Thursday. The vehicles flew like a copter; the breeze was awesome as we plied the Third Mainland Bridge.

Lord, I hope this season will be better as we come around and converge on the Island again to make ends meet.

But the pretence rages on. Many workers who had prayed not to continue with the slave job this year but are yet to get new one.

Those who had prayed hard to keep their jobs also walked into offices but with fear of the unknown.

Yet, this is the best time to live in Lagos, especially for residents who had got the skills and education.

New opportunities are advertised. This is the season when new faces arrive Lagos to seek fortune.

There is high migration to Lagos now and for those who will be among the newcomers, you are not born too late.

The city will “bubble” again in the next few weeks and it will come with stress on the road and in offices.

Crime, though has reduced, it also lives in this city of aquatic splendor. Nigerians, mostly the fresh graduates who will find themselves in Lagos this year still have hope in that the over N1 trillion budget has a space for them in the area of entrepreneurship.

Yes, there will be a pain but the exhibition of wits and closeness to God will serve as a soothing balm for a willing Nigerian.

Every job in Lagos requires skill, including bus conductor and alms begging. There is a song you will first dance to, which could be your worst song or your best as you step into the metropolis.

Watch your dance step, hear but do not listen to every song. There are predators who pretend as angels, yet there are angels who dress like madmen.

Lagos remains the best place to live, be wise.

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