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Lagos Residents Recount Losses After Heavy Flood

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After the floods had subsided and vehicles could move on the roads again, Lagos residents began to recount their losses.

The last five days in Lagos have been wet with incessant rains and gradually the water level has risen to cover the major highways in the eyebrow areas of Victoria Island and Lekki.

Lagos Island, Victoria Island, Ikoyi, Lekki are lined with some of the finest and biggest edifices in Lagos metropolis, housing mostly the rich.

The islands have grown out of the Atlantic Ocean and the Lagoon for residential and commercial structures to have a place but on Saturday the sea overflew, following the torrential rainfall.

The rain paralysed all the commercial and social activities in Lagos. The flood flew into the nooks and crannies of Lagos streets on the Island. It entered houses and shops, stores and market places.

The flood disrupted shopping activities and stopped picnickers at the beach. It plunged small and big vehicles into trench. The flood wreaked havoc on Lagos.

Lagos Residents Recount Losses After Heavy Flood 2

Residents ran out of their homes with nowhere to go, watching helplessly as their personal belongings whirled in water.

Though no record of death, the victims of flood recount their ordeals. As at Sunday, 24 hours after the flood, hundreds of cars were still left on the roads, unable to move again.

The vehicles’ engines were soaked with water and would not start anymore. Operators of towing vehicles were seeing roaming the roads to give service.

While the residents had continued to lament over how much they had lost to the flood and how much they would need to spend on their cars, the state Government came out to attribute the flood to the indiscriminate dumping of refuse in the drains by members of the public.

The state Commissioner for Environment, Dr. Babatunde Adejare said that the government was in control of the flood and that the water had started to subside as at the time he released a press statement.

He noted that the past and the present administrations made substantial efforts to control flood through construction of canals and drains for free flow of water.

Despite government’s effort, Adejare said that some residents were fond of throwing refuse in the drains and canal.

“The government had warned these sets of people to stop the habit of dumping refuse into open gutters and drains as the rains began but they would not listen,” he said.

Early in the week, the state Ministry of the Environment urged residents who might not have any serious outing to attend, to stay indoor because of the looming flood.
However, many residents trooped out on Saturday for social activities around Lagos. Some never returned home with their cars.

And for those who had no social functions to attend, the flood forced them out of their domains.

A resident who identified himself As Muri Adebowale described the government as useless. He lamented that he would not spend less than N100, 000 to repair his car that was stocked in the flood on Saturday.

Adebowale lives on the Mainland but was on Island to attend a wedding ceremony. His car developed fault at Ahmadu Bello Way right in the flood.

“I had to come out of the car and found my way back home. I called my mechanic to visit the spot where I left the car. To my amazement, this morning, the mechanic told me that I would have to pay a towing vehicle to move the car away because the fault could not be rectified,” Adebowale said.

Corroborating Adebowale, another resident, Mrs. Tunrayo Beckley said that she paid N25, 000 to tow her car from Victoria Island to Ikorodu.

Beckley had also traveled to Victoria Island for a social function but unfortunately she found herself in the middle of the flood and could not move the car anymore.

Besides hundreds of cars that now litter the major roads around Lekki and the suburbs, our correspondent learnt that many residents lost their electronics, clothing and personal belongings worth millions of naira to the Lagos torrent on Saturday.

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