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Lagos Walks In “Go Slow”

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ElevateNews takes a look at Lagosians’ new lifestyle after the ban on Okada and Tricycle

It appears there is sudden increase in the number of cars that are now plying Lagos roads barely five days that the government banned Okada operation.

Motorists who had since parked their cars have rolled it out and this has consequently increased the volume of vehicles on the roads.

Coupling with the numerous ongoing road projects in many parts of the metropolis, the traffic is so heavy now that Lagos residents have resorted to trekking.

The “Go Slow” as it is being called by an average Lagosian is so bad now that it is better for the residents to trek to their nearest bus stop than been stranded on Lagos roads.

Of course, it is stressful now, Lagosians will adjust to the new life,” a commuter, Mr. Raheem Akingbola said.

“In the olden days, we usually trekked to our bus stops and railway stations. There was nothing like Okada and it was good for us. We were fit because we exercised our body. Today we jump on Okada on a journey that we ought to have trekked.”

Speaking on the new development, a Physical Trainer, Mr. George Onuedor attributed some of the early deaths in the society to lack of exercise.

To him, a short distance walk everyday is good for the body but since the proliferation of commercial motorcycles, many Nigerians, including the young people have refused to trek anymore. “This does not only affect our health, it shows in our failure to produce great athletes,” he said. He explains that countries that produce quality athletes do not indulge its citizens in riding Okada.

Also speaking, Miss, Bunmi Igbaraola said that she had resorted to trekking to some places since the ban on Okada, adding, “Trekking is not bad at all because I can feel a lot of improvement Healthwise.”

She is of the view that the ban on Okada will also reduce accidents. “I realised that many of these Okada operators are northerners. They drive recklessly and have killed many people, she said.

Speaking, Master Paul Gideon, a commuter told our correspondent that he resorted to trekking because the commercial buses had increased transport fares since the ban on Okada and tricycle.

“This is unfair. There is no fuel scarcity, yet these commercial bus drivers have made life difficult for commuters,” he said.

Recall that the Chairman of the Lagos State National Union of Road Transport Workers, MC Oluomo warned his members not to increase fare. This order is never enforced as the commercial bus drivers have arbitrarily increased the fares.

On Wednesday, Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu maintained that the government would not go back on the restriction order as he promised that more mass transit buses would be put on the roads, especially areas where it does not ply before now.

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