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Abule Ado Where Innocent Residents Rest in Pieces

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ElevateNews takes a look at the death of innocent Nigerians in the Abule Ado gas explosion.

The sound of the blast was loud. Those who live in Abule Egba said they heard it from Abule Ado.

Abule Egba, Lagos is known for pipeline explosion. Hundreds of Lagos residents had died in the pipeline explosion over the years in the State.

On Sunday, a vehicle had accidentally hit a gas cylinder at a gas station located close to the Nigeria National Petroleum Corporation pipeline at Abule Ado, Festac in Amuwo Odofin Local Government Area.

It erupted into a serious inferno that took the lives of 17 persons, including a Principal of Bethlehem High School Rev. Sr Henrietta Alokha.

Several people were severely injured and presently receiving treatment in Lagos hospitals.

While Lagos government mourns over the death of these innocent souls, the bereaved families, especially those of the Alokha are counting their losses.

Nigerians recount the sacrifice the principal had paid to save the children in her custody.

Alokha was the hero of the Abule Ado explosion. She was the school principal who acted more like a mother, putting her life online to save the schoolgirls.

May her soul rest in peace; this should be the prayer but it is pathetic that many Nigerians are resting in pieces because the government is not proactive enough.

Worse still, there is no relief plan whatsoever from the Federal government for those who had lost their properties in the explosion, except that the officials of the Lagos State Emergency Management Agency provided the residents in the area with protective equipment against epidemic.

Many of the past incidents of explosions were due to pipeline vandalisation, which of course might not generate any compensation for the victims but this latest one was due to the carelessness of the gas station.

There is a need for the government to bring the perpetrators of this crime to justice and also compensate the victims and families of those who died in the inferno.

Alokha’s heroic death will not be in vain, only if the government can rebuild the school for the children rescued by her.

The residents of the community who died in the explosion will rest in pieces but not in peace except the government can apprehend those who caused the explosion and give the necessary justice.

However, on Monday when he visited the scene of the explosion, the Lagos State Governor, Babajide Sanwo-Olu announced the launch of N2 billion as relief funds for the victims of Abule Ado.

He also stated that the State government had set up a panel to investigate the cause of the explosion.

The panel will be headed by the deputy governor of the State, Dr. Femi Hamzat.

I think the relief package should not be limited to the State government alone.

What role will the Federal Government play?

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