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Coronavirus Goes Viral To The North

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The cases of coronavirus in Nigeria rose to eight on Wednesday with one of it recorded in Katsina State.

From Lagos to Katsina, it indicates how viral this virus can go if necessary actions are not taken now to curb the spread.

It is a welcome development that nationals of 13 countries have now been restricted from entering Nigeria but the question is whether there is the capacity to control COVID-19 in all the 36 States.

China being the first place that was ravaged by Coronavirus has been able to put the pandemic under control.

This is one of the countries restricted by Nigeria even though it has conquered the virus.

Now that five more people had tested positive to Coronavirus, there would have been thousands of many others who must have had contacts with them.

As a matter of fact, 48 people had contact with the Italian, the first carrier of the virus to Nigeria out of which one of them tested positive.

The coronavirus test, according to the staff at the Disease Control Centre, Yaba is not as simple as many people are seeing it but Lagos could manage the situation because there are a few cases for now.

Nigeria does not have enough facility, unlike China that has adequate human and material facilities.

God forbids, the doctor said, adding that Lagos, which has the best of the human and material capacities might not be able to handle the case as time goes on.

Now that the virus is in Katsina with more locals and low level of hygiene, there is a need for the government at all levels to build synergy to stop the spread.

It will be worse if the situation is not quickly addressed now that it is going up north.

In Enugu, a woman was reported to have contacted the virus. She was isolated but died in the confinement.

It is obvious that the woman died because the hospital lacked the necessary equipment and personnel to sort out the problem.

Interestingly, the Lagos State Government has ordered the closure of church and mosque services until further notice.

The government has also closed public and private schools.

Over 200, 000 people across the world have been infected with over 8,000 already killed by the disease.

Reports by John Hopkins also showed that about 80 per cent of the casualties are from China.

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