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Why FG Delayed To Impose Travelling Restrictions

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The Federal government waited till Tuesday before it could announce travel restriction on 13 countries to Nigeria.

Why countries were shutting down, the Nigeria government refused to close its borders and would not give reasons for this.

However, facts emerged shortly after the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced that all schools and colleges be closed by Friday.

The Nigerian government quickly released its own order of flight restriction, which will take effect on Monday.

As from today, Saturday, I expect high influx of Nigerian students abroad to fly home. The political elites have been able to create this opportunity despite the growing cases of coronavirus.

Many of these children of elites will enter Nigeria on Friday and Saturday with some of them already infected with Coronavirus.

Information reaching us is that the daughter of President Muhammadu Buhari flew into the country on Thursday evening and went into self-isolation.

There is something about the tropical part of this world. It seems the spread of the coronavirus is not fast due to high temperature.

I will not be surprised that our immigration may compromise the checking of those that will storm Nigeria in a few hours to come.

The children of the poor do not travel out for quality education but they have solace in that they are yet to be infected with coronavirus.

The carriers of this virus are those coming from abroad, many of whom are coming back home now to get treatment.

The World Health Organisation has said that the rest of the world should learn from Nigeria on how to manage the virus.

The organisation made a U-turn Friday morning, warning Africa to be wary of the virus and that the continent should expect worse time.

WHO is looking at how Africa can contain the pandemic without necessary facility and personnel.

Developed countries with better facilities have been shut down. The Lagos and Ogun States Government only shut schools and churches.

The shopping malls are still in operation. Government and Private offices are still operating.

People walk and work as if nothing is happening but within us are hundreds of coronavirus carriers.

As at Friday, ten (10) more persons had been infected with the virus while Lagos government is in search of over 1000 people that had been in contacts with the infected people.

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