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LAUTECH, Oyo, Osun And Marriage of Convenience

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ElevateNews takes a look at LAUTECH and the roles of Oyo and Osun States.

It is illogical that Osun State Government has refused to give up on the funding of the Ladoke Akintola University of Technology, Ogbomosho despite running another State university, the Osun State University.

The running of LAUTECH by Osun and Oyo States government is practically a political issue and this agreement is purely put together so that the indigenes of both State working in the institution can keep their jobs.

Today, Osun State University created years after the existence of LAUTECH is doing fine and making more money than a joint-owned LAUTECH, which has been suffering neglect from both States.

Workers of the university complain regularly while students go on perpetual protest over the lack of quality facilities and increased tuitions over the years.

It is clear that LAUTECH, despite having two parents is living more like an orphan because none of the States government is ready to play a lead role.

No doubt about it, Osun State is chewing more than what it can swallow just because of the fear of absorbing its indigenes into the Stateowned university if Oyo State issues a divorce over the joint ownership of LAUTECH.

For over 29 years that LAUTECH was established, Osun said that it had diligently performed its financial role. In 2017, the State provided the sum N1, 250, 000 to LAUTECH. In 2018, it gave N500, 000,000 and between 2010 and 2016 the Osun State Government has given about N8, 692, 488, 234 as its counterpart funding to the running of the institution.

In spite, the previous and new government in Oyo have always believed that LAUTECH should be its sole property but not jointly-owned with Osun State.

During his campaign, the current Governor of Oyo State, Mr. Seyi Makinde said that he would ensure that the State government takes the complete possession of LAUTECH.

About a week ago, the governor accused the Osun State Government of failing to perform its responsibility on LAUTECH but his statement was countered by the Osun State Government who described Makinde of seeking political applause.

It said that the governor had no enough information about the financial performance of the Osun State Government and would need to do so before going to his twitter handle to feed the public with wrong information.

I have queried, why is it difficult for Osun to surrender LAUTECCH to Oyo to run while it concentrates fully on Osun State University, which it has claimed it is doing well?

It sounds irrational and wasteful that a State like Osun, with paltry Internally Generated Revenue, will be running two State universities while Oyo which has bigger IGR is being denied the opportunity to move LAUTECH beyond this marriage of convenience.

The Osun State Government should reevaluate the amount that it spends on running LAUTECH and see if it can divert the funds in improving the Osun varsity and absorb its indigenes who may be laid off at LAUTECH by Oyo Government.

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