Learn all about Premium Times Nigeria

If you are interested in learning what Premium Times Nigeria is all about, then you better take a look at this thorough analysis. This is a media organisation that is based in Abuja and tries to empower Nigeria’s democracy by promote cultural development and important news. The writers are always trying to inspire people to pay attention to all human rights and care for one another.

Media and published articles are without a doubt the biggest influence in people these days. This is why it is crucial to learn the truth about all important incidents. This is a great opportunity for them to create new communities and ask for more by the political leaders. Of course, sometimes media focus on dividing people and crush all of their hopes and dreams. Hopefully, Premium Times Nigeria is nothing like this.


Premium Times Nigeria was founded in 2011 in order to help Nigeria fight the challenge of progress and make things a little easier to people who want to learn and embrace the new order of the things. The whole time of this platform aims to educate and inform public opinion, by offering the truth and nothing more to it.

The quality of journalism has been raised significantly since then, and people have truly appreciated this team effort. Take a look at this platform and see the vision that these people try to show to the world.


This amazing platform has everything you may want to read. The latest news, as well as the most important investigations, can be found here with the latest updates. Business, health, and agriculture are also some important categories. Additionally, arts and sports play an important role in the newsfeed of Premium Times Nigeria for anyone who finds them interesting.

Be Part of it

Premium Times Nigeria is always looking for fresh people with vision to add on to their team and bring some new and exciting ideas. This is why there is the career section in the page where you can search for a possible opening.

No matter your field of expertise or your previous experience, if you are passionate about truth and Nigeria’s progress, there is no doubt that you might be the perfect match for this site. Dare to send your CV and your personal information, and they will definitely contact you.

Contact Information

There are 3 different offices where you can go if you want to meet the team of Premium Times Nigeria. Whether you are in Abuja, Lagos or United States [Washington], you can arrange for an appointment and meet with an experienced member of the team in order to address your concerns or share with them your ideas.

If you are living someplace else, then you can always contact them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram at all times. There is also an email address and a phone number so that you can directly contact them at all times.