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Let Ambode Live, Lagosians Echo

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Nigeria News takes a look at the plot to impeach Governor Akinwunmi Ambode and the probable consequence.

The Mafia in Lagos’ All Progressives Congress (APC) may be pushing their luck too far and if care is not taken, the state may slip into the hands of the opposition Peoples Democratic Party.

Calling for the head of Governor Akinwunmi Ambode after he had been battered, disgraced and even used to clear the way for the APC gubernatorial anointed candidate, Jide Sanwo-Olu, should be done with absolute care.

The Lagos State House of Assembly may be digging a pit of hell for Sanwo-Olu in its plot to impeach Ambode who is currently enjoying the public support.

Ambode is a wounded lion. He is also a sleeping dog. He should be allowed to either treat his wound or allow to sleep as he has been doing since his second term ambition was abruptly been cut short. The APC should stop walking on Ambode’s fighting side.

Ambode has the sympathy of the Lagosians but Sanwo-Olu’s aggression has doused this sympathy a bit before the legislature came up with a sordid allegation against the governor.

The lawmakers had asked the governor to explain within seven days why he had been spending without legislative approval.

Last week, the governor was supposed to present the 2019 budget to the house. He never showed up but sent the documents across to the legislators.

This must have infuriated the lawmakers who have now decided to impeach the governor a few months to the close of his tenure.

The governor would not just watch the legislature, he fired back asking them to explain how they had expended about N28.8 billion assembly running funds.

The fight may become a free for all exercise with the way things are going. This is an opportunity Mr. Jimi Agbaje, the PDP governorship candidate may be waiting for to nail the APC and have an easy stroll to the Lagos house.

A pro-Ambode group stormed the state house of assembly on Wednesday, warning the lawmakers to desist from the planned impeachment or else they would work for the opposition in the state gubernatorial poll.

The APC must be wary of this threat, judging by the Metropolitan nature of Lagos, with high population of various ethnic nationalities and independent minds that would rather vote for opposition.

Most of these other ethnic groups would prefer a PDP governorship. The lawmakers are themselves guilty of the offence they are accusing Ambode of. They are birds of a feathers.

Ambode has been going out to perform various state functions, which Sanwo-Olu is supposed to attend as parts of the APC campaign strategies but this is not happening due to the frosty relationship between the two.

Ambode is a human being and like all of us, he is feeling the pain that power has been taken away from him.

Let us remind ourselves that it was the Speaker Mudashiru Obasa of the state house of assembly that forced the governor to stop Visionscape contract on waste control. Obasa also ordered the return of PPP to Lagos road.

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