Libya Where Nigerian Immigrants Are Sold As Slaves

Libya Where Nigerian Immigrants Are Sold As Slaves

Nigeria News take a look at the slave auction in Libya and how Nigerian immigrants were sold as little as $400 as a slave.

Able-bodied Nigerian was sold as little as $400 as a slave in the city of Tripoli last week. That was how bad things had turned out for many Nigerian immigrants who sought solace in foreign lands.

This is not the best time for many Nigerians, including those that are at home. The ripple effect of the economic recession is still visible.

Most civil servants in the state and local governments have not received salaries for months, the cost of doing business is high; the rate of the dollar to naira is not encouraging at all, yet the government’s position is that the economy is improving.

Nigerians are resilient and like water, they will always find their way to survive. Daily, the crime rate increases; suicide attempt became rampant in the last two years and for those who could not commit a crime of armed robbery and abduction for ransom, they toed the line of illegal immigration.

Many left for Libya, the northern Arab country of Africa to navigate the Mediterranean Sea. Some were able to cross to Europe though, many died in the ships.

Just about three weeks ago, 26 dead bodies of Nigerian women were discovered inside a Spanish Warship in Italy. The Bodies had since been buried, including two of them that were pregnant with babies.

Nigerian Government vowed to investigate the cause of their death, even when the Italian Government had concluded that the women were drowned.

Since Muammar Gaddafi was killed in 2011, Libya had been thrown into disarray, with no law and order. The citizens learnt nothing except how to shoot and kill.

The country has continued to rebreed the old slave trade in Africa. A gang of criminals have turned the immigrant’s ships to slave ships just to make some money.

In Libya, a Nigerian immigrant is tortured and sold as little as $400 to a buyer whose main purpose is to use them for hard labour on a farm.

The video footage of the slave trade went viral two days ago, including a gory image of a roasted human body dangling on a pole.

During his tenure, the former President Olusegun Obasanjo ensured that almost all Nigerians in Libya were evacuated and brought back home. In fact, Obasanjo signed a pack with some West African countries to help them bring their nationalities to Nigeria.

There was a policy then that curbed this illegal migration. However, things had gone awry for Nigeria in the last two years as more Nigerians seek succour outside the country.

The slave auction in Libya was a topic at the African Union-European Union Summit in Abidjan, Ivory Coast that began on Wednesday.

President Muhammadu Buhari told Nigerian community in Abidjan that his government would do all within its capacity to bring all Nigerian immigrants in Libya back home.

He stated that the government would create the enabling environment to alleviate their condition as he bemoaned the criminal activities going on in Libya.

Earlier, the Social Economic Right and Accountability Project, SERAP had urged Buhari to seek the world assistance in investigating the killings of Nigerian immigrants and the slave auction of Africans in Libya.

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