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Long Debate About Christmas Day

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ElevateNews takes a look at the events during Christmas among Nigerians.

The telecommunication companies must have made billions of Naira in the last few days and by the Eve of New Year 2020, the telecoms industry will be smiling to banks.

Invariably, the success of the telecoms will affect the banking industry too. This is because Nigerians would have spent a lot of money on data and phone calls.

Goodwill messages have steadily replaced the presentation of hampers and other gifts to friends and relatives. I observed that the number of hampers brought to my company this year has drastically reduced compared to the one received last year.

The economic recession is battling Nigerians so hard that they can only send Christmas goodwill messages to friends and relatives. It is the telecom industry that is making money now.

Even on Boxing Day, which is designated for gifts sharing, mostly messages were shared among loved ones.

My phone handset was agog with congratulatory messages, including videos and pictures during the last Christmas celebration and I have to delete many of the messages before I could use the handset conveniently.

Many Nigerians spend time on internet reading “gossips” than visiting parks or shopping mall due to the paucity of funds. To make the Christmas time worse, a respected man of God, the General Overseer of the Mountain of Fire and Miracle Ministry, Pastor D.K Olukoya said it is unbiblical to celebrate Christmas.

Many members of his church quickly capitalized on this sermon and rescinded from sharing any gift to their loved ones. Olukoya said there was nowhere from Genesis to Revelation that the word “Christmas” has ever mentioned, adding that is why his church doesn’t celebrate Christmas.

His position about Christmas trended on Twitter, making some other clerics lash out at him. Reacting to Olukoya, a Catholic Priest, Rev. Fr Oluoma said that the Mountain of Fire General Overseer was only contradicting terminology with theology.

According to Oluoma, there are many days that are being observed today in Christendom that are not mentioned in the Bible, adding “We observe it and God accepts it.”

He explained that it is not the terminology or the Calendar that Christians celebrate as being redefined by Olukoya but the event and mystery to remember the birth of Jesus Christ.

The catholic priest noted that Easter is not in the Bible but Christians, including those at Olukoya’s church, celebrate it because of the events and mystery that surround the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

He explained that the word Pentecostalism, which has since become a denominational name among Nigerian churches means 50th day in Jews agricultural feast but because of the event that happened on that day in which the disciples of Jesus Christ spoke in diverse tongues, it has since become a name for the new generational church.

In his comment, the Founder of Mount Zion Drama Ministry, Mike Bamiloye said he did not care the date Jesus Christ was born but would always mark it on December 25 because Christians had chosen the day to remember the event of that day.

He said, “Which day was cancer born, yet the world celebrates the Cancer DAY.

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