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Lottery: Gaming To Win And Curb Crime

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Nigeria Newstake a look at the Lottery business in the country and how it can help toreduce crime.

With over $500mworth, the founder of Premier Lotto, Kessignton Adebutu popularly known as“Baba Ijebu” will always encourage gamblers to put more money in games, perhapsthey will win.

Lottery is alegitimate business in Nigeria, having being legalized by the Federal Governmentin 2005. Of course, Premier Lotto had been around before then, precisely 2001,the regulation of lotto became pronounced in 2005.

One could remember that there were lottery clubs owned by State governments in the past, almost all of them had ceased to exist.

It showsthat the government lacks the capacity to run such business. Even now, thegovernment is failing in the regulation of lottery, which of course had led tothe rise of cybercrime, also known as “Yahoo Yahoo”.

There is Nairabet, which has not only popularized foreign football league in Nigeria but has also lured many jobless youths away from crime.

I was dazed to see a sea of heads about three days ago at Oju Elegba, Surulere Area of Lagos. Mostly youths who queued around operators of the lottery. 

They had come to try their lucks. These youths invested their money into gambling to augment their living. Those who are artisans among them spend much of their earnings on the lottery.

Some make big gains while many lose their profits on the lottery. I have thought that only the poor engage in playing lottery until, Sir Kessignton Adebutu reveals that rich and respected citizens do it secretly.

He said on atelevision programme that the Premier Lottery has leverage for the rich whowill not like to be seen in the public to play via their telephone handset.

Perhaps that was why the Federal Inland Revenue Service threatened to impose VAT on players of lottery recently. This policy is not yet enforced but there is a plan by the players to protest against it.

To Adebutu, there is nothing bad for the government to take VAT on winners of a lottery but it would be wrong to impose VAT on every player, adding, “You cannot expect somebody who played with N100 but won N50 to pay VAT.”

Lottery hashelped reduced crime across the country in that it gives hope to many youthsthat they can win with the little they spend on the game.

The lottery is an international game business, which the Nigerian Government is expected to emphasize on at this time so as to reduce the growing rate of cyber fraud among the youths.

As a matterof fact, the development of lottery will reduce rituals among the youths. Manyof the “Yahoo Boys” have turned ritualists in a bid to get rich quickly.Recently, the news over “missing” pants of ladies was alarming.

Most “Yahooboys” engage in this nefarious activity to use their victims for money rituals.Now that the lottery business is thriving, the government should engageexpertise, using such figure as Adebutu to modernize the betting business.

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