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Low Patronage Hits Abuja Hotels

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Nigeria News takes a look at the low patronage in hotels around Federal Capital Territory, Abuja and the causes.

This is not the best time for hotel operation in the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja.

Most of the hotels have been battling low patronage since President Muhammadu Buhari assumed office about four years ago.

It was gathered that many of the politicians who patronised these hotels in the past had stopped or reduced their patronages due to the paucity of funds.

Findings revealed that almost all the senators and members of the House of Representatives who had permanent suites in some of the five-star hotels had checked out.

Before now, the lawmakers did a lot of budget padding in which they appropriated a huge sum of funds to themselves. It is from these allocations they book for the permanent suite for a year or more.

According to an investigation, the senators and lawmakers kept their mistresses in these hotels but could not do so anymore because there is no room for budget padding.

Many rooms in Abuja hotels are vacant at present. Unlike in the past when rooms would have been fully booked, especially in an election year.

A source at the presidency revealed that the President of the Senate, Bukola Saraki once waylaid Vice President Osibabjo at a function that the lawmakers were broke and not happy with Buhari’s administration.

The professor replied, “Oh, am sorry but I do not have the key to the Central Bank”.

Since the budget padding failed and the lawmakers could not deduce a new formula to make money, they have refused to cooperate with the executive arm.

The resultant effect of the unavailability of free money is a fall in the hospitality business in the FCT. Some of these lawmakers have never owned up that their grouse with Buhari is the president’s inability to rub their palms.

Their argument is that the government makes so much money but refuses to use it for economic development, rather the funds are being stashed in personal accounts of some individuals in the present cabinet.

The lawmakers may be right anyway, there is little to show that this government has performed better but it will be unfair to compare a four-year tenure with 16 years of abysmal performance by the People Democratic Party.

It is not a lie that Nigerians complained throughout the 16 years of PDP despite that the fuel pump Price by the last administration under PDP was N87 and the barrel of crude oil was over N100.

The complaint was that the regime then was laced with impunity and on looting spree to better their friends and relatives.

But the looted funds were circulated among their cronies, many of whom were men of easy virtues that spent their time in hotels and took their breakfast in the air.

Perhaps, this is the change Buhari promised, which fortunately has stopped free flow looting exercise, blocked the leakages but unfortunately has also stopped the poor from eating the crumbs from the looters’ table.

Some of the hotels, according to sources are owned by these politicians and with the current low sales, the situation looks more like a double jeopardy.

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