Make Super Eagles more competitive, Onigbinde tasks Oliseh

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Former Super Eagles coach to Japan/Korea 2002 World Cup, Adegboye Fes­tus Onigbinde, has urged Super Eagles coach, Sun­day Oliseh to make the team’s selection competi­tive, as they prepare for Rwanda 2016 CHAN.

Onigbinde, who won sil­ver medal at the 1984 Af­rican Nations Cup, while speaking on the team’s dwindling fortune, said the only way to bring back the ingredients in the Eagles is to have a very strong home based team.

The Modakeke High Chief also took a swipe on some Nigerian local coaches for not upgrading themselves to CAF and FIFA rules, stating that it had greatly affected the countries performance in local league.

“I think Sunday Oliseh is not doing badly, if you ask me. But I would rather sug­gest that he uses the CHAN as a basis for Super Eagles. Let us have a strong home based team where we can always lean on if the for­eign based ones disappoint.

“Before now, in the 80s to be precise, we used to have a very home based players who even out shined the few foreign ones that were invited. So, what has happened? This is the time to look into that by using the chance which CHAN has provided.

‘’ In 1983, the first time I handled the national team it was a competitive contest and by the Grace of God I won silver at the 1984 Na­tions Cup. I thought we would have built on that.

“And I will also implore Nigerian local coaches to always engage in coach­ing courses so as to update themselves. I am not say­ing all Nigerian coaches are not competent. I be­lieve we have a lot of prob­lems in coaching.

‘’Nigerian coaches still have a long way to go, they still have to learn. They are too complacent. The slight­est success we get goes into our heads. And to make the matter worse, the admin­istrators are not putting in place environment that will force these coaches to go out and learn or improve their knowledge.

‘’ At CAF level, we took a decision in 2012 that any coach that does not have CAF A or B license will not sit on the bench for CAF competitions.

“Up till now how many coaches in Nigeria have these certificates? In Gha­na we have not less than 600, in Egypt they have about 3,000, some courses we ran in Nigeria some months back I stuck out my neck to get the courses run.

‘’ If you don’t have CAF certificate you will not of­ficiate in CAF organised leagues so why cannot we do same in Nigeria?”

Onigbinde concluded that the only forward is for the administrators to sit down and plan.

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