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Man Commits Suicide At UCH

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An unidentified man jumped down from a fifth story building inside the University Teaching Hospital, Ibadan, Oyo State and died immediately.


The Spokesman for Oyo State Police Command, Ayodeji Bobade told our correspondent that a suicide note was found in the pocket of the man.


The management of UCH said that the man was not its member of staff, adding that he must have strayed into the premises like a patient to kill himself.


A source said that the man wrote in his suicide note that he had been duped of N30 million and the worst he could do now was to take his own life.


When our correspondent visited the place, there were blood stains on the floor of the building as sympathisers gathered to discuss the strange situation.


“This is strange, this kind of thing has never happened at the hospital since it was established. Things are happening,” a member of staff said.


Meanwhile, the remains of the unidentified man had been taken to the hospital morgue. “We could not find ID card on him perhaps to trace his family members. He was about 60 years old,” a source said.

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