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Marking 100 Days With Lebanese Wife

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ElevateNews takes a look at the Lebanese wife of Bauchi Governor.

The first outdoor assignment by the commissioners in Bauchi State was to welcome Governor Bala Mohammed’s new wife Natasha Mariana from Lebanon.

The Lebanese wife arrived the Bauchi Government House as the second wife to the 60-year-old Mohammed.

Besides the commissioners who waited at the airport as the wife stepped down from the plane, there were scores of other dignitaries, including the former minister of environment Amina Mohammed who was around to take a glimpse of the bride.

It was gathered that the official wedding ceremony took place at the Syrian Mosque in Ikoyi, Lagos State earlier on Saturday and that the marriage was actually consummated in June between the governor and the family of Mariana.

For now, there are first lady and second lady in Bauchi. I don’t think there is anything wrong in this except that the governor has elaborated the ceremony at a period other State governors are strategizing on how to grow the State revenue.

Unlike the Oyo State Governor, Seyi Makinde who will be marking his 100 days in office with reduced tuition for primary and secondary schools, Mohammed has chattered in a Lebanese wife to mark his own 100 days in office.

This is where there is a difference and it is not a crime that the thinking of the two governors are not the same. It is also not about culture or race but a personal lifestyle. Mohammed choosing a second wife to mark his 100 days in office has nothing to do with his religion but individual mentality.

That his commissioners queued at the airport to welcome the new wife should not be seen as a sin. They may not share the governor’s style but in this part of the world, aides depend on their bosses to survive.

Those working with Mohammed now are the fortunate ones invited to share from the national cake. Besides ushering in a wife from Lebanon, they must treat her as the second in command in the State, not even the deputy governor.

Some governors’ wives are so powerful in Nigeria that they can fire the deputy governor. Perhaps until democracy grows beyond what we are witnessing now; perhaps until those who lead get a better education; perhaps until the masses kick against many of the irrationality within the corridors of power, governors and local government chairmen can always do what they like.

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