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Mbaka’s Unguarded Words, Blunder From The Pulpits

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Nigeria News takes a look at the pronouncements of some clerics ahead of the 2019 general election.

Those who steal public funds here in this part of the world give tithes of their loots in the church.

That is how bad the value system has deteriorated. Tithe and offering boxes are beautifully built and placed in a vantage position for worshipers to see. In some churches, worshipers are ranked by the size of their tithes and offerings.

A bountiful offering motivates a good prophecy, without which a potential public office seeker or a church boy may lose out.

As the election draws closer, Nigerian politicians have begun to run helter-skelter, seeking spiritual backing from priests and soothsayers who can predict a beautiful future for them.

They go to the extent of performing rituals and swearing of oaths with their godfathers just to get elected.

But the future is becoming bleaker for them by the day because they lack the ingredients for propitiation, which in Yoruba parlance is called “Nkan Etutu”.

The social media has been their major problem now, many of the politicians that engage in rituals are being exposed and for some of them who lack the courage to use human blood as a sacrifice, they run after soothsayers.

Some prefer to go to churches and mosques for endorsement. One could remember a former President kneeling before a popular Cleric towards the 2011 election.

He won the election of that year but lost four years after even when he sought endorsement from the Christian Association of Nigeria.

Our prophets have started again. They have been prophesizing but this time the prophecy came with conditions.

A Catholic priest from Enugu Diocese Rev. Fr. Ejike Mbaka told a prophecy on Sunday that the presidential candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party, Atiku Abubakar and his running mate, Peter Obi will lose the 2019 election if they fail to finance a project for his church.

He lampooned Obi, describing him as a miser who had failed to help the church over the years. He itemised what the candidates must do to win the election and failure to do so would result in failure, they would not be able to explain.

What a prophecy? The Catholic Enugu Diocese has since dissociated himself from this personal thought of Mbaka, saying it is wrong to make a political statement from the altar of God.

Mbaka’s unguarded words came at a time the Bishop of Canaan Land, the founder of Faith Tabernacle, David Oyedepo read out a story published in an online platform that President Muhammadu Buhari has been cloned to his mammoth congregation. I ask, do our prophets still hear from God?

The Director of Information Catholic Church, Engugu Diocese Rev.Fr. Benjamin has a different view as he kicked against Mbaka’s decree on Peter Obi.

Instead of joining millions of Nigerians to castigate the priest, Peter Obi only asked God to forgive Mbaka. He advised those who criticized Mbaka to pray for the cleric and not crucify him. As he put it, “Let us pray for our priest to always hear from God.”

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