Measuring The Competence of Buhari For Second Term

Measuring The Competence of Buhari For Second Term

Nigeria News takes a look at the candidature of President Muhammadu Buhari and his competence.


Those who are seriously canvassing for the return of President Muhammadu Buhari within and outside the All Progressives Congress APC will only speak about his integrity and anti-corruption policy, which of course are good reasons to re-elect him.


But the question of Buhari’s competence has always come up, which many have found difficult to answer accurately. And I think Nigeria’s past leaders have also seen this gap in the present administration that is making them ask Buhari to step down after one term.


Mr President has refused to listen as he declared his intention to run in 2019. Besides, Buhari’s archaic ways of handling government’s issues, the president is not growing younger and this is telling on his health status.


The APC strategists at the very top should know that unlike former President Olusegun Obasanjo, the present president, Buhari has failed to improve himself or expose himself to modern ways of governance since he left office as a military Head of State in 1985.


Almost all our past leaders, except Gen. Yakubu Gowon hardly update themselves with the new trend and it is seriously affecting governance in Nigeria since the country has been recycling leaders.


Until he began seeking to occupy Ask Rock as a born-again democrat, Buhari did not mix with others at both local or international conferences and seminars to exchange ideas or learn new ones.


Under the present government, more Nigerians are exposed to slavery lives. Many were killed while hundreds sold as slaves in Libya. The level of xenophobic attack against Nigerians in South Africa became alarming that some of them had to run back home.


Even at this, the Libyan returnees cried that the Federal Government had failed to care for them since their return to Nigeria. Some of them died in an auto crash while travelling to Edo from Lagos.


Of course, our internal security situation has worsened under Buhari’s watch. It got closer some days ago with the killings in Offa, Kwara State, where fully-armed robbers killed many. A number of Buhari’s supporters hardly see humans among the Shiites killed in Zaria, the villagers of Zamfara or those killed on a regular basis in Benue State. They are just statistics to such Buharists.


The president attributed the proliferation of killer herdsmen to the infiltration of Nigeria by the Muammar Gaddafi’s runaway soldiers who now disguised as herdsmen to kill innocent people.


He said this in London but the Libyan Government had rebuffed Buhari’s claims, asking him to produce evidence.


What I see is that individual ambition has saturated Nigeria’s political space and this, of course, has a strong effect on Buhari who must now lobby those who are seeking self-glory for him to retain power in 2019.


Of course, some individuals shelved their ambition to allow Buhari in 2015, there are scores of such people now, who will not readily sacrifice their ambition for the president’s incompetence.


They did then because they thought that the president would not disappoint but as things had turned in the last three years, many of the APC stalwarts would prefer a new candidate.

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