Melaye’s Innocence Over Illegal Possession of Arms

Melaye’s Innocence Over Illegal Possession of Arms

Nigeria News takes a look at the Senator Dino Melaye’s case with the police and the drama it has turned out to be.


Senator Dino Melaye’s indecorous ways of life may have put him as a suspect in the recent illegal possession of arms charged against him by the Kogi State Police Command.


Six criminal suspects were arrested by the police and all of them indicated the lawmaker from Kogi West. The thugs said Melaye was their boss and had hired them for the coming 2019 election.


Without investigation, most Nigerians easily believe that Melaye could sponsor thugs to deal with his adversaries, judging by his violent features. He is very loud and has shown some characters that will make people doubt his innocence.


From his days at the House of Representatives where he publicly engaged in an altercation with a woman lawmaker colleague in which his clothes were torn, Melaye has been a subject of public discussion.


Melaye made the public believe that he was fighting corruption in the Federal House of Reps, which led to him being publicly assaulted by a lady.


His doggedness, however, earned him a Senate seat about three years ago. Having found himself at NASS again, Melaye has been speaking loud.


He has alleged some public servants of corruption and fought another female lawmaker, Senator Oluremi Tinubu, using various gutter languages to describe the wife of his party’s national leader, Bola Tinubu.


Lagos women had to stage a protest to caution Melaye’s irresponsible behaviour against Tinubu. Melaye is highly indecorous, no doubt and it appears that most of the problems he is facing now have come because he has failed to bridle his tongue.


He was threatened not to come to Lagos but he dared Lagosians. He walked and took pictures right in front of Tinubu’s Bourdillon Ikoyi residence and posted it on his social media platforms.


That is how daring Melaye could be. He fought both at home and outside his constituency. He stood against the autocracy of his state Governor, Yahaya Bello and it looks like his present predicament is being allegedly sponsored from his backyard.


His constituency moved to recall him but he has been fighting his battle, using the court to stop the Independent National Electoral Commission from carrying out the decision of the constituency.


While his recall process has continued, the state police command raised an allegation of illegal possession of arms against him but not after Melaye had accused the state governor Bello of illegally importing arms to the state.


He told the police that he knew nothing about arms import into the state and that the police should investigate Bello. Instead, the police paraded six suspects and all testified against Melaye.


As usual, Melaye released a video, dissociating himself from the arrested suspects, adding that he never met them before. The suspects were locked in police custody and after a week, the police said that the criminals had escaped.


It sounds laughable. Yes, the six suspects escaped in the presence of 13 policemen on duty. They escaped on the same day, the same hour, the state Commissioner of Police, Ali Janga said.


He also declared Melaye and the six escapees wanted. To the Inspector General of Police, Ibrahim Idris, everything about the case, the arrest and the escape of the criminals show a lot of police complicity.


He removed the commissioner immediately and redeployed the 13 police officers to be investigated.


But to Melaye, his accusers must be produced by the police, dead or alive. The lawmaker sounds innocent as he threatens to sue the IGP over the matter.

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