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Melaye’s Travail In Police Cell

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Nigeria News takes a look at the travail of Senator Dino Melaye in the police custody


Senator Dino Melaye may be eccentric. Dino may be a serial distraction from seriousness. But the handling of his arrest and arraignment by the police is a travesty of justice. It is wrong to re-arrest him after having been granted bail for the same alleged offence by a court of equal jurisdiction.


This is the submission of the former Chairman of the Nigerian Union of Journalist, Mr Lanre Arogundadade as the senator representing Kogi West faces various charges from the Nigeria Police.


 Human Rights Activist, Mr Femi Falana also described Melaye’s travail in the hands of the police as a gross abuse of the senator’s fundamental human right.


Melaye has a case with the police but for him to be brought to court on a stretcher is a reflection of what ordinary Nigerians suffer in the hands of the police. Falana slams the police with the way it has handled the arrest, re-arrest and the consequent arraignment of the lawmaker before Abuja and Kogi magistrate court.


The Senior Magistrate in Lokoja, Kogi State has since remanded Melaye in the police cell and he is to remain there for 38 days.


But to Rotimi Adebayo, the former Deputy Chief Press Secretary to former Lagos State Governor,  Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, never before, in Nigeria’s history, has any journalist refused to honour police invitation. So, why must those paid from the country’s treasury like Dino Melaye keep treating the Laws like mere stinking rags that deserve no honour?


That, however, has never been the case with Nigerian top politicians like Senator Dino Melaye who has no regards for the Nigeria Police.


According to Adebayo, when Melaye had a brush with the Law in 2017, the Police authorities invited him over but he refused to honour the invitation.


All he did was to again shun that invitation.


Later, when he was alleged to have been involved in some more heinous crimes with some already-nabbed hoodlums in his home State of Kogi, he was again invited over. It was however when he shunned that invitation again that he was declared wanted.


Hiding under the ‘MIGHTY WINGS of the Senate President, Senator Bukola Saraki, Dino simply went haywire to wax an album titled: “AJEKUN IYA NI YOO JE.”


But his latest deeper crisis, which came about after he had made nonsense of the plan to recall him by his Kogi West Senatorial District constituents had occurred, when in an attempt by the Police authorities to take him down to Lokoja to face justice, Senator Dino Melaye suddenly jumped down from the moving police van, injuring himself.


While on the floor, Dino was heard openly threatening thus:




The reason the Police authorities appear to be eager to take back their own “POUND OF FLESH today is that God prevented Dino from breaking his skull on the road when he jumped off the moving police van right onto the tarred road.


Had that not been the case and Dino had died in the instance, the 8th National Assembly would have accused President Muhammadu Buhari of assassinating Dino Melaye. And so, would have mobilized themselves to get him impeached and stopped Buhari from seeking re-election come 2019.


But now, with that EARTH-SHAKING videotape in the hands of the Police authorities today, Dino is now being tried, and justifiably too, for ATTEMPTED SUICIDE (which is a serious crime under our Laws), among others that have been filed against him!!!

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