Misau And Idris: Between The Question of Morality And Legality

Nigeria News take a look at the moral and legal areas of the allegations and counter-allegations between Misau and Idris.


The allegations and counter allegations between the Inspector General of Police, Ibrahim Idris and a lawmaker representing Bauchi Central Senatorial District, Senator Isa Misau is becoming interesting by the day.


It is swinging between moral and legal conducts of the police boss in office and of course the revelation of a private life that is not supposed to get to the Senate chamber.


Misau had accused Idris of having romantic affairs with his female subordinates and had gone to the extent of impregnating one of them.


He also alleged that the IGP did some illegal postings and promotion to favour some of his female concubines who are police officers.


As a matter of fact, Misau told the Senate that one Corporal Amina, a policewoman was promoted to the rank of Assistant Superintendent of Police just because she was in a relationship with IGP.


All these came out because the police alleged Misau of forging birth certificates.


However, Idris owned up when he appeared before the Senate ad-hoc committee that is investigating the myriads of allegations against him that there is no law that prevents him from having romantic affairs with a female police officer.

He had appeared before the committee in the company of his lawyer but refused to answer any question by the committee.


He said he had only appeared before the committee because of the respect he had for the Senate not because he wanted to answer any question.


However, a document prepared by his lawyer, a copy of which was made available to journalists revealed that the IGP owned up.


In the document, Idris said there was no law that prevented him from marrying a female police officer and that if there was one, Misau should show it to him.


He denied promoting a corporal to ASP as he urged the Senate to investigate it and perhaps invite the lady in question.


Meanwhile, the IGP did not deny marrying another policewoman as he posited that he could marry as many as four wives being a Muslim.


To him, Misau’s allegation against him is tantamount to infringing on his private marital life, which ordinarily is not supposed to be a public issue.


The document also revealed that Misau’s father who resigned as Assistant Inspector General of Police actually married his mother who also retired as inspector of police.


The question is why is the kettle calling the pot black? Though Misau has not denied the fact that his father, a retired police officer, was actually having an amorous affair with his mother, a retired police inspector before it turned to marriage and of course the birth of a lawmaker.


But if there is no law forbidding police officers from dating and marrying themselves, is it ethical and morally justifiable for them to do so?

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