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Mixed Reactions As Nigerians Bid 2019 Goodbye

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ElevateNews takes a look at Nigerians reactions to life in 2019.

Like other election years, 2019 came with political tensions but ended peacefully today with many Nigerians still wondering how they survived despite the harsh economy and inadequate security.

The herdsmen crisis, kidnapping and ritual killings that pervaded the nation towards the end of 2018 did not end until political campaigns reached its peak in January of 2019.

The election-year ushered in some reliefs as the perpetrators of crime reassembled to participate in the polls.

Of course, we knew that some of the crisis in the nation were being sponsored by politicians to discredit the ruling party of not doing enough on the security of lives and properties.

It was a year of mourning for the low and the high whose relatives were either kidnapped for a ransom or killed by herdsmen or bandits.

The election came and gone. Surprisingly, herdsmen and bandits quietly rescinded to their colonies, leaving the citizens to battle with the “Next Level” of mixed fortune and pains as promised by the ruling All Progressives Congress.

“I pray for a better 2020. 2019 was not my best year yet. We still battle with the power outage. Nothing has changed in our health service. The hospitals are in bad shape. Our universities have not done better,” Mr. Ade Soboye, a civil servant has said.

He explained that he struggled throughout the year to pay his children school fees because the cost of running his home had become so high in 2019 due to government refusal to increase his salary, he borrowed to survive.

Soboye said, “I only hope 2020 will be better with the implementation of the N30,000 minimum wage.”

However, Mrs. Bodunde Ajayi’s story was a great one in 2019. She said that two of her children got appointments with the government and that this had relieved her so much that she even did the Thanksgiving in church.

“I thank God everyday. Many do not believe in this government but for me, I thank God. I am a widow. These, my children, a boy and girl graduated about three years ago but got employed this year.”

To one Mr. Johnson Allen, the government did not do badly in the area of infrastructure.

“For the first time in many years, Nigerians could have a free train ride from Iju, Lagos to Ibadan, Oyo State. This is due to the fact that the government has built a railway,” he said.

However, Allen noted the lopsided appointments in the Federal Government as he criticised President Muhammadu Buhari of preferring Northerners to Southerners to hold key positions in government.

“This is not fair and our President did a lot of this in 2019 that makes me suspect his neutrality as a good leader,” he said.

2019 was not good for Nigerian football as both the male and Olympic teams failed to qualify.

The Under-17 team crashed out in the tournament held in Brazil while the Under-21 could not proceed beyond second round when they were beaten by Senegal.

The senior national team, Super Eagles could only win Bronze in the African Cup of Nations held in Egypt.

However, the Nigerian music industry had continued to wax stronger with the nomination of Nigerian sensational singer Burna Boy for Grammys.

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