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My Nigeria: A Trip To The Past

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ElevateNews takes a look at the situation of things in the past and how it has gone so bad in the present.

By 9:30pm on Wednesday, the first batch of the Nigerian returnees from South Africa arrived the country. They have come to begin again. To many of us, it is the xenophobic attack that made them run away from South Africa but to me, it is the Nigerian Government that has failed them.

Nigerians have become perpetual migrants around the world in search of greener pastures because the successive governments have failed to improve the standard of living in the country.

Our past was good and may I say that this country needs leaders who can bring a better past to the present and probably create an enviable future for the present and next generations.

I was driving home yesterday when the thought of the past flew into my mind. Those periods when Naira was more valued than dollars. The time, when public schools were better and there were no but very few private schools.

It is nostalgic that Nigeria roads have been overtaken by trucks and articulated vehicles and since become unsafe for motorists. Then, heavy loads and containers passed through the railway. There were few trailers and articulated vehicles on the road.

I thought of a Nigeria where the health service was of good quality and our medical doctors were some of the best in the world. I thought of great lawyers like Rotimi Williams who plied his trade both home and abroad while his brother, the first chartered accountant in Nigeria, Akintola Williams also led the path in accountancy.

Gone were the days of late Chinua Achebe whose book, “Things Fall Apart” gave meaning to literature from this part of the world. Still living, the first Nobel Laureate in Africa, Professor Wole Soyinka made me proud as a Nigerian. These academics passed through Nigeria educational system.

Then politics was for the best brains; civil service for the first class graduates as wealth and riches were for those who could work hard. Our value system was well respected. Lawyers dominated the political space, teachers were not only competent, but they took to teaching because they loved the job.

But, must we go back to the past or create a present that is better? Do we have leaders who can recreate this nation? Except for the Chinese and Japanese, most industries that belonged to the Americans and Britons have disappeared in Nigeria.

The country is not safe for business investment, truth be told. Those who invested before this administration corrupted with the government to loot the nation and since the assumption of President Muhammadu Buhari, the economy has become worse.

The immediate past was not very bad, perhaps because there was connivance between the government and the investors but the real past was good because the leaders were competent and less corrupt.

As a matter of fact, the present administration has disappointed many Nigerians in that it had mixed up the corrupt with the incorruptible.

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