New Maize Pest Discovered – Prof. Lateef Taiwo

New Maize Pest Discovered - Prof. Lateef Taiwo

New Maize Pest Discovered - Prof. Lateef Taiwo

New Maize Pest Discovered – Prof. Lateef Taiwo

A new pest has been discovered in maize, which can wreak havoc on the crop if not checked now.

Called Armyworms, a Soil Scientist, Prof. Lateef Taiwo of the Institute of Agricultural Research and Training (IAR&T), Ibadan told our correspondent that the pest was detected in the maize crop around South west region of the country.

According to him, Armyworm belongs to the order of Lepidoptera, adding that its larval stage could be devastating on maize crop if left unchecked.

Taiwo stated that the pest devours its host voraciously and could eat up the stem of maize plant as its name is derived from its eating habit.

He advised farmers to maintain hygiene in their farms and take to all control measures to fence away the pest. “All the biological and chemical control measures must be adequately adhered to,” he said.

He advised on the use of microorganism to combat this disease, as he posited that for now, the only control measure available is biological.

He explained that the use of chemical is not environmental friendly but that some microorganism contain poisons, which can easily destroy the larval of Armyworms.

“These microorganisms are secret poisons that impair or kill the insects, the insecticides are not something you buy in market, so farmers should consult ADP’s or research institutes,” he said.

At present, Taiwo said the only advice he could give to the farmers was to visit IAR &T where proper education would be given to them on how to combat this dreaded pest.

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