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COVID-19 And Nigerian Govt

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ElevateNews takes a look at the gradual spread of coronavirus and the failure of the govt to take proactive measures.

We are yet to see the face of the Italian who brought Coronavirus to Nigeria aboard Turkish Airline.

The authorities have also refused to mention his name but 48 persons who had contacts with the Italian were subsequently quarantined.

Out of this 48, only one was tested positive and according to the Minister of State for Health, Dr. Olorunnimbe Mamora, the infected person and the carrier are doing well now at the Centre For Disease Control.

Perhaps this is what has given the Nigerian Government confidence that it is on top of the matter and it is within its control.

While countries are closing shops and all public engagements, Nigeria is yet to take drastic measures to manage the spread of coronavirus.

Not until Tuesday that it postponed the National Sport Festival, the activity will have gone ahead on Sunday in Edo State.

As if there is no Coronavirus, the Edo State Government has initially ordered the closure of schools so that pupils can participate in the NSF, which is happening at this period of the pandemic.

The Management of the Nigeria Professional Football League also said that it would not stop the league despite COVID-19.

The General Manager of NPFL, Shehu Dikko made this known, adding that the pandemic is under control in Nigeria.

This is in contrary to the view of the Nigerian Centre for Disease Control, which posited that the spread of the disease is high where there is a high volume of people.

Some of the European League had closed while some are held behind closed-door.

Over 300, 000 cases had been infected worldwide while countries that are much affected had placed a travel ban on their citizens and some other countries.

But in Nigeria, before yesterday cases, the Federal Government refused to place a ban on travellers coming to the country, rather it has listed nationals of eight countries for proper scrutiny at our airports.

These nationals include those from China, Germany, Japan, France, Iran, Italy, Spain and Republic of Korea.

Meanwhile, a fresh case of Coronavirus was recorded in Lagos on Tuesday again.

According to the report, the new patient is a 30-year-old Nigerian lady who arrived from the United Kingdom.

She has since been quarantined while the government has not been able to trace any of those who had contacts with her.

This week, schools are operating in Lagos and other parts of the country. This is a country with no adequate toilet facility.

Most citizens are so religious that they hardly take precautions against the pandemic but rather visit churches to forbid it.

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