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Emir Sanusi: Banished From Kano, Detained In Awe

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ElevateNews takes a look at the legal and moral implications of banishing and detaining the dethroned Emir Muhammed Sanusi

Power is transient, especially in a democracy with decreed terms.

The Kano State Governor, Abdullahi Ganduje did not get right dethroning Emir Muhammed Sanusi II.

In saner climes, Sanusi would have been made a poster boy for transforming Northern Nigeria, especially the North-West and North-East, where the people still cling to Stone Age practices.

Sanusi has his shortcomings, no doubt. All of us have too. Only God is perfect. But, given the dire social-economic situation of Northern Nigeria, only an embrace of modern ways of doing things can help that part of the country.

And, Sanusi was a shining light in that direction, who has just been maliciously extinguished by Ganduje.

Now, proponents of conservatism up North will rear their ugly heads again. We should expect more from those who believe Almajiri is good.

We should expect same from adherents of ‘Western education is sinful’. Of course, Ganduje will claim he has banned street begging. That is papering over cracks.

The rot will continue. Only persons like Sanusi in positions like Emirs, who are like 2-I-C to God in the minds of the average people up there can truly effect the much-needed change through subtle propaganda, which the deposed Emir of Kano is very good at.

Ganduje will certainly get his payback. But the rest of Nigeria will feel the pains as we are doing for Boko Haram today, which got quality recruits from the ill-conceived Sharia Law of Sani Yerima.

One thing we have to look at is the modality of Sanusi’s banishment. Is he banished from Kano or banished to a place called Awe in Nasarawa State.

I do believe that the idea of banishment is sending away somebody from a place with the order not to come back either permanently or temporarily.

But in the case of Sanusi, the former emir was not only led out of Kano, he is being restricted to Awe.

This is the amount to infringing on his fundamental human rights to freedom of movement after he had been banished from Kano.

However, the State Attorney General, Ibrahim Muktar said on Channel Television this morning that the government did not banish the emir from Kano.

He said that there was nothing like banishment in the statement released by the secretary to the State government, which dethroned the emir.

While senior lawyers are still querying the unlawful removal of the emir, Sanusi is still being restricted to Nasarawa.

According to the human rights lawyer, Mr Femi Falana, the removal of Sanusi is illegal.

Sanusi who had since described his removal as the act of God may approach the court over his illegal detention at Awe.

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