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From Abuja To Kano, Oshiomhole Stands Still

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ElevateNews takes a look at the dance of Comrade Adams Oshiomhole in the face of litigations.

Democracy is sweeter when the players are testing their strengths, especially in a country like ours where the power of the electorate is inconsequential.

Like Yoruba common war song, “Funra won ni won o ma funra won logun je.”

This song is sung when the enemies turn the fight against themselves while their oppositions sit down and laugh.

One could also describe it as a situation in which the arrow turns back to hit the shooter. What is happening within the All Progressives Congress is an intra-war and the main target is the National President of the party, Comrade Adams Oshiomhole.

Oshiomhole said that a minister and several State governors of the party were behind his planned removal at a news conference on Thursday.

He said this shortly after a Federal High Court in Kano, reversed the order of the Federal High Court in Abuja suspending him as the National Chairman of APC.

Earlier on Wednesday, the Abuja court had given the order that the security details of Oshiomhole be removed as he seized to be APC National Chairman, following the application by his ward in Edo State that he had since been suspended as the member of the party and should not remain as a leader in the party.

The purported suspension of Oshiomhole is a fallout of the crisis between him and the Edo State Governor, Godwin Obaseki who happened to be his former anointed son.

There are two factions pulling the strings in APC now. Those who are Oshiomhole’s backbones and the Obaseki’s sympathisers.

The members of the National Working Committee of the APC headed by Oshiomhole have not expressed their dissatisfaction with the workings of the national president but some aggrieved governors within the party.

Investigation revealed that the Ekiti State Governor who is also the Chairman of the Nigeria Governors’ Forum, Dr. Kayode Fayemi is the one championing the planned removal of Oshiomhole.

Perhaps Oshiomhole had not quickly approached another court of competent jurisdiction, the plan of the governors was to call for the National Executive Council meeting of the party to replace him.

However, he acted fast enough to get the stay of execution over the court order that suspended him.

After the second and latest judgement that returned Oshiomhole as the chairman, he swiftly ran to President Muhammadu Buhari for a briefing.

The game of politics in Nigeria is being decided mostly by law rather than votes at present.

But APC must act fast to put its house in order before the next election or else it might use its own weapon to kill itself.

The jubilation of Obaseki was short-lived when a Kano Court reversed the order suspending Oshiomhole because this may spell doom to his political ambition.

Obaseki has shown too much arrogance and to me, he has acted like a man that is biting the fingers that once fed him.

He came on the shoulder of Oshiomhole to become the Edo State Governor but today, Obaseki does not want to see Oshiomhole in Edo.

He supervised the alleged suspension of Oshiomhole both at ward level and State level just for him to have his second term in office.

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